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Wednesday, 20.October, 2004.

Another month, another archive update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods. Not much time left to me for the updates these times, however I was able to put online all the submissions you great people send me today. Thanks to all and enjoy! Smiley

Tuesday, 14.September, 2004.

Small update of World of Game Mods with update Unreal tracklists and great new music soundtrack from Unreal Return to Na Pali (Unreal 1 datadisk!). Thanks to Darth "Snake" Nefelim and to Pyramid Head for really lot of great additions and sendings!

Friday, 10.September, 2004.

These days I'm doing big maintenance of Game music base, cleaning up lot of records and adding new soundtracks. Big thanks fly to Darth "Snake" Nefelim and Pyramid Head, which are helping me a lot with comments, tracklists, authors info and other database additions.

I also allowed to download files smaller than 100 kBytes without registration. I hope this will be good compromise between the bandwidth-abuse problems and necessarity to register for one-time small downloads, because using this you can download almost all the Midi and half of the MOD tunes without registering, and it shouldn't harm the speed - we will see how it will work Smiley

And yet another thing for musicians who want to create MOD arrangements - you can find interesting instruments in djDarkX sample library.

Tuesday, 31.August, 2004.

This bigger update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods means that I processed here all your submissions sent from you during August. Thanks a lot to Alpha 23, Dr. Spa, Pyramid Head and all others - your submissions were great and thank to you is this update really cool! Smiley

Friday, 30.July, 2004.

Before leaving on small holidays, I did quick update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods with the stuff that arrived to the disk this week (though only one tune in mods Smiley ). Enjoy! Smiley

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