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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
Made in Slovakia.
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Contact information

The best way to reach me, is to contact me via web-based feedback forms. This is most recommended way, because they reach me very fast and I can handle answers and other tasks to you. You can use one of these forms:

Note these forms are available to registered users only. Although registration is fast and free (Register here), if you really want to send fast and anonymous feedback, you can do it either through email or ICQ:

However, I repeat that due to lot spam and other junks emails walking through the web in this age, this is not very recommended way. In worse cases your request can be "filtered" by some anti-spam mechanism or some other evil, in better case, it will reach me without injury :) Because of that, consider again that much better for me (and also for you), is to register and use one of the feedback forms above.

Money donations

If you find this site valuable for your money, you can easily donate via PayPal. Just click on this button:

Any amount is okay and please do it only if it will make you happy you will help good thing and if you won't miss the cash. I must emphasize I'm not doing this website for money (otherwise it would be very bad business :) ), but of course any donation will make me more happy keeping the site alive and updated (who wouldn't be happy getting money? :) ).