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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 7.May, 2017.
Made in Slovakia.
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Contra: Arranged/Remixed tunes

There are some good tunes in this pack but one is definitely the best: the megamix. The other tunes aren't bad but the megamix is - in many ways - much better than the others. The tunes of Contra were good on the NES and this metal mix is just excellent. It has some orchestral and nintendoish (sine waves, squares etc.) samples, too. And it's very long: over 7 minutes. I highly recommend it. I give this pack 9 points, mostly because of the megamix.

(by Flash, 6 Dec 2002)


Last archive update: 07.May 2017
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On this page I'm trying to create a complete collection of game music modules for all platforms (though Modules originally came from the Amiga, so this site should be enjoyable especially for Amiga fans :) ). My target is to make a complete collection of tunes in the MOD, MED, XM, S3M and IT song file formats. Other formats can not be found on this site. The archive and its structure are designed so you can quickly download and listen to songs of specific games. If you have any questions about the use of this archive, or if you want to know some more interesting things, don't forget to visit the World of Game Mods FAQ, which hopefully contains all information you need about this.


  •  Only tunes from existing games are allowed (no demo tunes, no competition tunes, ONLY game tunes, and remixes/remakes of them).
  •  Only the following Module formats are allowed: MOD, MED, XM, S3M or IT. Other, more exotic formats (module or not) are not allowed and not supported.
  •  Only tracked music is allowed (=no one-sampled conversions from WAVs or MP3s, see the FAQ for details)
  •  All songs made for a specific game can be found in just one zip archive. The archive's filename is equal to the game's complete name.
  •  Every archive has an info.txt file provided with some information about the game and the included tunes, and also whether the archive is complete or not (eg. if it contains all songs that exist in a game). This info.txt file is compatible to be displayed in some players (see the FAQ for details).


If you have any game modules that are missing in this archive, or if you made your own remake/remix of a tune, read the Contribution info in FAQ in the FAQ. You can contribute to make the archive more complete!

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One Must Fall 209710438
Jazz Jackrabbit 210228
Deus Ex9826

Top 10 last week's downloads:

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