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Sunday, 7.May, 2017.

Welcome to another update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods! I must admit, it was longer time, but this time, I tried to dig into all my old artifacts and tried to post also some forgotten jewels from my disk. That means, don't expect frequent updates in the future.

Sunday, 13.March, 2016.

And again an update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods! After long time of almost stable Mods collection, I've now received very nice submissions to this area which are really worth of new update! Especially thanks to Dr. Spa for his infinite trust, and of course also to others to whose this (inbetween really oldskool) site still isn't forgotten. Smiley I'm relly surprised that there are also some relatively new games with tracked music!

Friday, 26.February, 2016.

As I received a few comments with troubles playing Roland MT-32 tunes from previous submission under Munt (especially some tunes from Civilization or Lemmings 2), I updated the Game MIDs FAQ section with the part how to play these files properly. In short, the best way is still to play the tunes with good old WinAmp with properly selected midi input driver. This plays properly also the tunes in Civilization of Lemmings 2 where few of them are currently unplayable in Munt player. Small issue is still a few seconds delay at the beginning of each tune, which is unfortunately caused by directly injecting SysEx data at the beginning of tune. Without this delay, the only known way is to load SysEx manually before each file and have provided the correct .syx file for that.

Sunday, 21.February, 2016.

Welcome to another update to World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods! This time we have something really special - there are finally some proper Roland MT-32 tunes in the archive, because Munt emulator plays them properly! However, the midi tunes must have the proper SysEx information included. The best way for quick playback is to include these SysEx data at the beginning of each Midi, which is also preferred and accepted way to archive these tunes on mirsoft.info. Thanks to this, you can play great tunes from Lemmings 2, Lotus 3, Prehistorik, Zool, Magic Pockets or Supaplex directly in Munt, without any big sysex handling. Say big thanks to Mr_KrzYch00 who brought these masterpieces to you! Btw., any updates of other old midis this way will be appreciated, of course Smiley

Saturday, 28.March, 2015.

Surprisingly soon small update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods archives. Game mods archive is closing to be really complete, as I receive already very rarely new submission to this. After almost 13 years almost on time Smiley However, I still found some nice pieces around, so enjoy them inside!

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