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Commodore 64 music

Music generated by Commodore 64 games, most popular: 1983-1990.

Common Platforms: Commodore 64/128
Common file types: SID
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Where to download tunes

High Voltage Sid Collection - All SID tunes on Commodore 64!

Some more thoughts

I have to say it. I simply have, but it isn't easy. Ok, Commodore 64 WAS the best 8-bit computer, and yes, it HAD the best music from all 8-bit computers. Although I never had C64, although I was hard Spectrum fan in the times I was young. Now, in time of emulators, I must say that Commodore's SID music is something absolutely great. Try some SIDs and listen to them (links to pages with SID music are below), you'll sure agree that these tunes are so nice and melodic, they have so many ideas in them as nothing else has. I downloaded all released C64 songs from the net and listened in the whole C64 playlist (it took me whole 1 year!). When I finished, I simply needed to listen to the playlist again... And who are the kings of this music? Surely, Rob Hubbard is the first star. He made very much famous game tunes - the best in my opinion are Rasputin, Knucklebusters, Crazy Comets, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Lightforce, Commando, Chimera, International Karate and much, much more. But I have to mention other C64 musicians which aren't worse! Ben Daglish, who made many songs also for ZX 128, was famous with little bit "weird" tunes like Krakout. His best stuff were sure Last Ninja tunes, Cobra, Deflektor or Bombo weren't bad too. Another god, Martin Galway, created great loader music (do you know how I liked loaders? I very tried to play music on Spectrum during loading, but it was impossible on that computer. Ocean did it on C64 and with Martin Galway's Ocean Loader tunes has boring loading turned into awesome experience!). But loader tunes wasn't all - great tune is Rambo First Blood Part 2, Arkanoid (first tune ever which uses sampled sounds). Germany had very strong C64 community and great musicians. The outgoing star was Chris Huelsbeck, who made fist steps on his career on this computer. Tunes like Jinks, Bad Cat or Shades have been great, and especially I must mention awesome To Be On Top, music to Chris' music game. Other Germans, Rudolf Stember or Ramiro Vaca have been great too, and I'll sure write something more about them in the Amiga music section, where they reached their top. Big quality in C64 tunes came from Netherlands. Reyn Ouwehand's Last Ninja 3 Tune, Jeroen Tel's Hawkeye or Battle Valley, or Edwin van Santen's game- and demotunes are telling you how big quality can be done from "simple" C64 SID chip. It's hard to mention complete list of nice tunes on this great compy, but just in short, great tune was Mark Cooksey's Ghosts'n'Goblins theme, or Jonathan Dunn's Platoon. And realy, MUCH MUCH more...

Players and other useful links

SidPlay for Windows - best Windows' player which allows you to play SID files
C64 composers photoze - See what they look like, hear how they sound like!
PocketSID - Play the SID tunes on your Pocket PC, and use the playlists from the SidPlay2 to have loong and fresh listening!