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Tuesday, 19.June, 2007.

I have small problem - I'm currently out of ideas what to write in the news window without starting to repeat myself Smiley So currently it will be very simple - another update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids is here, enjoy it Smiley

Thursday, 10.May, 2007.

When I look out of the window it seems the weather starts to be more and more clear and it means the another update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids should come Smiley So here you are - some cute new Mods and Mids thanks to your great contributors are here, so enjoy them!

Tuesday, 6.March, 2007.

I found some time to update World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids before my leaving on vacation, so don't expect big update today - but there are a few nice and cute additions, so enjoy!

Wednesday, 24.January, 2007.

Well, time flies like devil. We have winter here and it seems we could bring you another hot news from World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids. And there will be quite lot of new music records from both sides of ocean now! Thanks to all contributors for this, especially Accatone and Pelya, which uploaded simply the most this time. Enjoy it all!

Tuesday, 7.November, 2006.

Yay Smiley Long time haven't seen you guys Smiley Well, another update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids is coming, today you can enjoy great submissions from EdMan6623 (finally Elvira! Smiley and also some more great soundtracks), as well as some of perfect arrangements of very rare Amiga-tunes from Okeanos (all of them originally in Exotic-amiga formats, so they are are brand new tunes playable in mod-arranged versions!). Also thanks to all others who submitted anything in past almost 3 months and were patient enough to wait until next archive update. I know the updates don't come often, but don't worry, they always come! (at least, they always did come Smiley ).

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