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Format info    Music records list   

Digital audio

This is music in streamed (digitized) formats, most popular from 1995 till now, with coming of CD-ROMs etc. Generally stored are wave data, CD audio or MP3 format. Size of WAV and CD audio tunes is counted after converting all tunes into MP3s with corresponding bitrate and quality. In my opinion, the best audio tracks have been done between years 1995-1997, when the music was full of fresh melodies and ideas, added with CD-quality recordings. Later the game music often came to ambient game sound background instead of melodies, which damaged listening experience a lot. But there are fortunetely, lot of exceptions. :)

Common Platforms: PC Dos, PC Windows, PlayStation 2, DreamCast, X-Box, GameCube, Sega Mega-CD, Sega Saturn, Amiga CD32, Audio CD, PC Engine CD / TurboGrafx-CD, Wii + Arranged/remixed tunes on all other platforms
Common file types: WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3
Game Music Base Icon:

Where to download tunes

IMPORTANT: There are NOT any Digital audio/MP3 files on mirsoft.info server and I do NOT have these tunes for public as well. This means you don't need to bother yourself and myself with requesting one of these tunes, I can't help you..

So, now we have filtered "fast downloaders" and now for the rest of people, which do read also smaller characters, I actually have few more words to help them find these tunes :). Firstly, I repeat that every MP3 / WAV / DA / Redbook audio music record which you can find in this database is only documented here at mirsoft.info and can only give you information. I mostly do not own the tunes documented in database, and it sure won't be possible to host any of them here (I have enough problems with MODs and MIDs, so I don't think this will be changed). So for the music alone you have to look at other different places. Here are some tips, what to do if the founded music record is really something you can't live without: :)

  • If the music record has yellow Catalogue number, it is probably available in some game music CD shop to buy. Firstly try Synsoniq Records, it is the biggest european game music CDs distributor. And, if you want to buy the Audio CDs and you want to support mirsoft.info site a bit, buy the CDs using this link (buy without closing the browser window). Using this way, you will do also very small donation to mirsoft.info site, which will allow to make more and better enhancements to anything you see here. If the Synsoniq doesn't have the CD album you're looking for, insert the yellow catalogue number in Google, it should lead you to some shop where the CD is possible to buy. In case of older albums, it's also good to try eBay and look if someone doesn't sell it.
  • Many music records (especially "Game rip"-s) haven't been ever published alone without game and it's probably not possible to buy them somewhere. However, they are often downloadable freely somewhere on the internet (mostly you can find the tunes on the musician's personal pages or look at www.mp3.com archive, where many game musicians have own MP3 archives of their tunes). If I know about these sources, I write them inside music records.
  • You can look at one of the game MP3 music sites, where are stored game tunes in MP3 formats. Look below at this page, there is unsorted list of sites which offer some game MP3s. Note that the servers are more or less stable, but the archives are really big and if you will be patient enough, you can find and download what you want. You can try also Gamingforce audio Forums, there is biggest Game music lovers' community forum. If you'll register and look at the topic "My stuff", you can see people add there lot of cool FTPs with game music for download!
    Also visit channel #gamemp3s on IRC DALnet, you'll find lot of FTPs there, and speak with other game music fans :)
  • If you still won't succeed and you own original game, go on and try to listen (or rip) the tunes by yourself. The game may have redbook audio tracks or siply stored WAV files, which you can rip and convert to MP3s very easily. Or use Game audio player (see below), it's great utility to play (or rip) the tunes from games and it recognizes lot of formats.
  • If music record is "Arranged/Remixed tunes" type, or even if not, you can find nice arrangements of wanted tunes here (often better than the originals, especially in cases if original is made in some old binary format :) ):
    Overclocked Remix - Most famous page with video game remixes, tunes are clearly grouped in games and titles, and there is a bit moderated submitting, which raises quality of submitted songs.
    Vgmix.com - the biggest collection of MP3 arranged/remixed tunes (because ANYBODY can submit the tune), but the quality of them is mostly very questionable (because ANYBODY can submit the tune :)) ).
    Remix.kwed.org - Another big remix site, related exclusively to Commodore 64 SID remixes. Anybody can upload tunes, too.

Unsorted game music MP3 links

Here are some unsorted game music MP3 links, which were submitted by some of kind music freaks. Remember that these links lead outside mirsoft.info, so they are provided without any warranty or responsibility, they may change often and they may not be active in the time you will browse these pages (because of this, there is a date in parenthesis when the link worked).:

From Warcow [19 Feb 2012]:

From Skatoony [12 Nov 2007]:
http://cosmic-dreams.net/ - awesome site with many OGG recordings from many rare DOS games like T.F.X., Inferno, The Humans, Dune and many more!

From shenmueaddict [13 Aug 2007]:
Both contain Shenmue music remixes to download.

From Gr00veChamp [4 Jun 2007]:
http://www.darkreign.us/forum/read.php?f=1&i=818&t=818#reply_818 - Dark Reign music

From Radivx [16 Jan 2007]:

From Lawny [8 Nov 2006]
http://www.modcast.de/ - Commodore Amiga Retro Sounds in MP3s

From Amigamusic.com [7 Sep 2006]:
http://www.amigamusic.com/ - huge archive with plenty of Amiga game tunes in MP3

From Fishonthecarpet [24 Aug 2006]:
http://download.dxalpha.com/DX2/music/ost-by-fishonthecarpet/ - for DX2: Invisible War full 3 disc soundtrack

From Pelya [10 Jul 2006]:
http://www.medievalfuture.com/precursors/ - Star Control 2 music remixes

From Anthony Bouchereau [11 Apr 2006]:
http://superies.nuxit.net - 8-bit music in full score sheet, original mp3 and exclusive recordings from the Super IES band ! (in french)

From AcidGlow [13 Mar 2006]:
http://acidglow.planetavp.gamespy.com - compiled game soundtracks off very old games. Mainly Arcade, NES and Super Nintendo.

From Neurological [13 Mar 2006]:
http://hellonearthsound.altervista.org/ - tribute to Robert Prince and his music, all songs are played with real instruments

From Pyramid Head [6 Jan 2006]:
EMPIRE EARTH 2 soundtrack: http://www.sierra.com/downloadfile.do?gamePlatformId=1729&mediaid=14220
MEN OF VALOR soundtracks: http://www.vugames.com/downloadfile.do?gamePlatformId=1706&mediaid=12592 (Before you download this one you must verify your age)
KINGS QUEST 8 soundtrack: http://www.sierraplanet.com/kingsquest8/goodies.html
MEDAL OF HONOR: ALLIED ASSAULT soundtrack: http://medalofhonor.filefront.com/file/Medal_Of_Honor_Soundtrack;5501

From Darth Nefelim [1 Jan 2006]:
http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks.php - Over 100 game soundtracks for free downloading without any limitations.

From Warcow [31 Dec 2005]:
http://files.deathmask.net/sounds/blood2/ -- Some music from Blood 2: The Chosen
http://files.deathmask.net/sounds/mp3s/ -- The cd-music to Blood 1.

From Pyramid Head [30 Dec 2005]:
ANNO 1503 soundtrack: http://www.anno1503.com/german/productinfo/dl_sound.php4
ANNO 1602 soundtrack (DOWNLOAD -> MUSIC): http://www.anno1602.de/english/index.html
THE DIG soundtrack: http://www.aventuraycia.com/downloads/thedig/thedigbso.htm
HOBBIT soundtrack: http://www.lunchpr.com/main.asp?page=%2Fpics%2Easp&link=i%3D960
IMMORTAL CITIES: Children Of The Nile soundtrack: http://www.immortalcities.com/cotn/downloads/music.php
MYTH III The Wolf Age soundtrack: ftp://ftp.edome.net/media/mp3/myth3_soundtrack.zip
NEXAGON DEATHMATCH soundtrack: http://www.nexagondeathmatch.com/special/
WARCRAFT 3000 mod soundtrack: http://www.marianswelt.de/Musik/Eigene/Rentacomposer/English/2002_w3k.htm
Music for WARCRAFT III - Map Contest: http://www.marianswelt.de/Musik/Eigene/Rentacomposer/English/2002_w3k_mapcontest.htm

From 3DZOEF [10 Dec 2005]:
http://www.olremix.org - Here you can find the music that is rejected by OVERCLOCKED remix site. These music are not qualified by the OVERCLOCKED jury but sometimes can still be very good to listen to! And ofcourse for a good laugh this is the site to be :) (Some remixes are rather funny!)
http://www.classicgaming.com/vgtunes - This young site has some nice collection of video game tunes. (For downloading you need a free fileplanet account though..

From Darth Nefelim [17 Nov 2005]:
http://www.allost.ru/soundtracks/info/games/all - megasite with the horde of games (and not only games) soundtracks, updated regulary;
http://www.segaxtreme.net/Music - a plenty of soundtracks from various games at different SEGA consoles.
http://gamemusic.km.ru/index.php - some tracks for plenty of games.

From Itami [16 Sep 2005]:
http://www.silenthill.vhost.lt/SH%20Downloads/SH%20Downloads.htm - Including Silent Hill 3 unreleased tracks!!!

From Trent [5 Sep 2005]:
This is a link to the soundtrack Trent ripped from the Resident Evil Outbreak 2 game disc: http://www.epicforum.com/music/albums/Outbreak_2_Unofficial.zip

From Pyramid Head [22 Aug 2005]:
http://doom.ocremix.org/ - THE DARK SIDE OF PHOBOS - DooM Remix Project

From HCS [15 Jul 2005]:

From Nezzy:
[13 Jun 2005]
Heretic and Hexen 2nd remakes (OGG) can be found here: http://www.doomsdayhq.com/files.php?class=4&type=2
Goremata's Hexen soundtrack (OGG) - The Full Soundtrack (74.3 MB) - http://www.goremata.net/other/hexenms/hexenms.zip
[23 May 2005]
http://bluelaguna.net/music/pe/mp3s.php - this site has a VERY WIDE selection of amine OST related themes (MP3 & WAV format)
Gamerips and rare remixes from SystemShock2:

From Der Amiganer [14 May 2005]:
http://www.rare-extreme.com/?section=editorials&page=mp3_library.html - Most of the original game musics of Rare Ltd. Games.

From Mez [18 Feb 2005]:
http://jadiepoo.com/dx/OST/ - Deus Ex Game of the Year Soundtrack

From Pyramid Head [18 Feb 2005]:
http://www.brokennotes.com/ - Great SILENT HILL fan soundtracks
http://www.lokmusic.com/ - Music from LEGACY OF KAIN Series

[2 Feb 2005]:
http://www.shade-game.com/bes.php3?localization=0 - Look at SOUNDTRACK section for Soundtrack from game Shade

From Rogue [17 Jan 2005]:
http://www.kevinriepl.com/main.htm - The Music of Kevin Riepl.

From Fidgital [27 Nov 2004]:
http://www.newmusiccanada.com/genres/artist.cfm?Band_Id=12040 - Gunmetal soundtrack

From Warcow [11 Nov 2004]:

From Pyramid Head [16 Oct 2004]:

From Warcow [16 OCt 2004]:
http://www.residentevilsh.com/ , http://www.phantasy-star-universe.com/

From Dorian Compo [23 Sep 2004]:
http://www.silenceisbroken.com/soundofsilence/index_.html - great site to get the Silent Hill mp3s

From Jason Brooks [23 Sep 2004]:
http://www.battletechmodproductions.com/index.shtml - Check the media download section

From Warcow:
[16 Sep 2004]:
http://www.protoman.com -- Move the cursor to the left of middle in the pop up window if the image doesn't appear and click on music.

From Pyramid Head:
[16 Sep 2004]:
http://stronghold.heavengames.com/fair/interviews/shmusic - 15 tunes from STRONGHOLD in MP3 format
http://stronghold.heavengames.com/fair/interviews/interviews/crusadermusic - 12 tunes from STRONGHOLD Crusader in MP3 format

[14 Sep 2004]:
http://www.dark-ambient.prv.pl/ - Site with dark music inspired by Silent Hill. That's a Polish site, but it easy to download tunes. In first page scroll down and click on WEJŚCIE. Then, click on DOWNLOAD. Unfortunaly, you cannot download some tunes listed here :(.
http://simcity.ea.com/coolstuff/sc3k_music/index.php - Soundtrack from SIM CITY 3000 with covers!
http://simcity.ea.com/coolstuff/rh_music/index.php - Soundtrack from SIM CITY 4000 with covers!
http://cpadmin.panzerdragoon.co.uk/skf/stuff/sh3unreleased.zip - From this site you can DIRECTLY download 47 unreleased tunes from SILENT HILL 3. The total time is 1:19:31, file size is 125 MB.
http://cpadmin.panzerdragoon.co.uk/skf/stuff/sh4unreleased.zip - SILENT HILL 4 Unreleased Tunes. Total time 21:50, number of tunes 22. Size is 23,4 MB. DIRECTLY download.
http://www.slavezero.com/downloads.shtml - 29 tunes from SLAVE ZERO game in MP3 format.
[10 Sep 2004]:
http://www.blackannis.co.uk/music/music.html - There you can find many music remixes (The most are from SILENT HILL and RESIDENT EVIL)!
[3 Sep 2004]:
http://www.gengamers.com/html/the_chronicles_of_riddick_soun.html - Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Buthers Bay game soundtrack.
http://www.kinkiness.de/doom.html - Site, where you can find cool DOOM remixes made by Kinkiness!
http://www.massive.se/gcdownload/ - GROUND CONTROL soundtrack. Scroll down, until you see SOUNDTRACK section.
http://www.aowf30.dsl.pipex.com/redsun.html -Soundtrack from REDSUN 2020, DEUS EX single player mod (REDSUN 2020 site - http://redsun2020.deusexgaming.com/)
http://gorky.gry-online.pl/menu_en.php - You can find three tunes from GORKY ZERO: Beyond Honor soundtrack (Click "Download" in menu on the left side)
http://ra.afraid.org/html/downloads/mp3cd.html - Red Alert Soundtrack
http://www.redfaction.com/downloads.cfm - Tunes from RED FACTION game
http://wec.insideearth.de/main_center/downloads/muzyka.html - Soundtracks from EARTH 2140 and from EARTH 2140 Mission Pack and more! This is the Polish site, but I think, there will be no problem with downloading music (Just click underlined text)
http://www.sonicmayhem.com/site_ie.html - Official SONIC MAYHEM site. Here, you can find some music samples.
http://www.aowf30.dsl.pipex.com/dxzodiac.html - Music from another DEUS EX single player modification, ZODIAC. (Mod official site - http://www.planetdeusex.com/zodiac/)
http://www.ttlg.com/other/jukebox/main.htm - Site, where can you find music from System Shock, System Shock 2, Thief, TerraNova and Ultima Underworld.
http://www.freespace-2.com/goodies/music/ - From Freespace 2 [17th Aug 2004]

Many Game tunes (15th Aug 2004), sent by Corp:

From Jason Brooks (15th July 2004):
http://www.protoman.com/Music - For the Mega Man Fans, but also other
http://www.kaejae-worx.com/~don/videogame/tmnt/index.htm - Arcade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game music
http://www.bodenstaendig.de/marble/misc.htm - Music from Marble Madness

Some from me:
http://www.music4games.net - Not only many music review, but also some free MP3s to download
http://www.rpgamers.net - Very big archive of game MP3s (mostly on FTPs). Connection is slow, but note the Mirror FTPs, some of them are very fast and have lot of tunes!

Links from Warcow (20th May 2004):

http://silenthill.iefactory.com/index2.htm <-- Click on the games on the right, then "Descargas" and "Original Soundtrack".
http://www.dxinvisiblewar.com/ <-- Downloads/Soundtrack


http://www.gamerips.cjb.net/ <-- Go to Gamerips/download section
http://www.agdinteractive.com/ <-- Click on the games and find some downloads
http://www.nfscheats.com/ (click on Downloads, here is music from Need for Speed 1, 2 and 2 SE - thanks to noxiousweeds for notice)

Some remixes:

If you know any other functioning mp3 links, send them to update the list.

Some more thoughts

Sometimes in 1995, with incoming of CD game format, it lost sense to use some special formats for playing game music to save space. The companies began to release music in games in normal, uncompressed streamed wave format. These tunes have been often provided either as direct redbook audio tracks with game, playable in any CD player, or in some form of WAVE data. The good thing about that was much easier listening to game music as from Amiga times - you could just insert CD into CD player or copy some files to HDD and listen to them. The bad thing was fact that size of these files has become very big, so you could forget to make large playlists which will take years to listen as it was in C64. Playing music CD takes almost 40-50 minutes and then you have to insert another one or listen again. Fortunately, MP3 format and bigger harddisks made definite solution for storing files, so it was possible to do MP3 archives with the game music. On the other side, this era has brought many possibilities for releasing official game soundtracks directly from game companies. These soundtracks have very big tradition in Japan, where they became very popular already in Nintendo's times. In Japan are full stores of game soundtracks and it isn't any surprise to see four or five soundtracks from one popular game. But you should be careful, because quantity decreases quality... Although there're still very much awesome soundtracks coming from Japan. So what are my favourite game soundtracks from this country? On the first place we must mention again Nobuo Uematsu, as he is something like the "god" of japanese game music, although he made music in "only" one series, Final Fantasy. But what a series it is! Every his soundtrack has so many various ideas and melodies, that I really wonder how could this man produce every year such a big and various soundtrack as a soundtrack from one FF sequel is. The best of the best was imho soundtrack from Final Fantasy VII, followed by Final Fantasy IV (although, this soundtrack came with good quality also in Super Nintendo's SPC, if you wannt to save space), then VIII, or IX - every soundtrack has 3 or 4 CDs, and every game has some more released CDs with arranged music, e.g. "Piano collection" (original tunes played with piano), or vocals etc.. Nobuo Uematsu released also his own music CD called Phantasmagoria, it's very quality work too. Very close to Uematsu is another japanese musician - Yasunori Mitsuda. His work can be seen in SquareSoft's RPGs Chrono Cross or Xenogears, and these tunes are really worth of listening. Very good work made musicians from Konami in the latest soundtrack to game Genso Suikogaiden, but also in Metal Gear solid or in almost "classic" Castlevania melodies. Then I must mention at least few other CDs from Japan that impressed me very much: Vandal Hearts 2 Soundtrack, Tekken & Soul Edge music or Jumping Flash (to mention every game genre :) ). In Europe or US is much smaller game soundtrack tradition, but the quality is comparable great. Really great soundtracks made Cryo's musician Stephane Picq and Pierre Esteve. The absolutely greatest work by Pierre Esteve are Atlantis Soundtracks, but River World, Blackmoon Chronicles or Stephane Picq's Lost Eden have very high quality too. German composer Chris Huelsbeck released some game soundtracks - Tunnel B1 and Extreme Assault. Although they're really great, they haven't reached the quality of his sooner work (Turrican, Shades etc.). His colleague Haiko Ruttman is working for Blue Byte also for Extreme Assault, but his greatest production is Battle Isle and Settlers soundtracks. He made one CD soundtrack to the "Incubation" game, which was distributed with limited edition of this Blue Byte's game. Absolutely awesome CDs releases Bjorn Lynne. His game soundtracks to Worms Armageddon, X2, or Seven Kingdoms 1&2 have very big quality, but he released also some music CDs with various music styles, and these CDs are absolute first class! Frank Klepacki, who's working on music to Westwood games, does great music to Command & Conquer and Dune sequels, and his soundtracks are mostly sold in limited editions of games. In the RPG field, there're nice soundtracks from Black Isle studios games (Baldur's Gate games and Icewind Dale). And last-but-not- least I'll mention Tommy Tallarico, who released music to games like Earthworm Jim or Tomorrow Never Dies and made his two CDs of "Tommy Tallarico Greatest Hits", but his best work is imho sure MDK Soundtrack. So look at links below and you should try to download or buy something.

Players and other useful links

Game audio player - Great prog which plays and rips game music directly from PC game CDs, recognizes many weird and rare file formats
Soundtrack Central - Video game music reviews (tracklist and covers included). Read it and try it!
Game Music Revolution - Index of released game music CDs with tracklist, covers, catalgue numbers etc...
Synsoniq Records - The biggest european's game music distributor, look at their shop to buy some CDs...