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Last updated: 26.August, 2018.
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Looking for some MIDI fan from Prague, Czech Repubic, or surrounding, who will like to rip MIDI music and who will want the 486 computer for free!

Firstly, some background:

Once upon a time, I prepared one old 486 computer to be able to rip game midi tunes from old PC Dos games. I set up complete environment according the PC Game MIDI Ripping guide (ideal ripping enviornment), to be able to rip the lot of Midi and Mod tunes from PC games properly. I also did, but the time changed a lot and now it seems I won't have the time to do it anymore the way I could imagine. Because it would be a pity to leave the lot of Midi tunes unripped, I'm now giving the computer to someone, who will be able to continue the music ripping, so I can more focus on maintaining the mirsoft.info website ;)))

The Requirements for you:

  • Be a MIDI fan!!
  • Have simple skills in DOS envoronment (understand how to install DOS games, how to work with some simple DOS applications etc.)
  • Have some free time to rip Midis and Mods from the games
  • Understand the PC Game Midi ripping guide, especially the part about Best method of ripping MIDI from PC games and have the second "receiving" computer to be able to connect the computer to.
  • Be able to get the computer from me in Prague (that's why it's best if you are from Prague)
  • Be first to write to me (yes, I have only one computer, hehe :) )

If you will want to and will be a first one, I will give you my 486 computer completely set up for ripping game music! Here are the computer specifications:

  • 486 DX4 CPU, 133 MHz
  • 16MB RAM
  • some HDD, FDD, CD-Rom (2x speed)
  • Sound Blaster AWE64 sound card, the best one for ripping tunes
  • Keyboard, mouse, joystick
  • completely set up and working environment, without monitor
  • with Windows 95 plus Set of Boot disks with MS DOS 6.22, to run almost any old DOS game
  • Gameport MIDI cable (look here for details) which you can connect two computers with, to receive MIDI!

So, if you think you should be able to rip the music and you'd like my 486 computer, let me know. Of course, I have only one computer, so only first will get it. Therefore I please you, do it only if you really like to get some unripped Midi music and do something for it. Otherwise I'm afraid some great game tunes will be completely lost or we will wait ages until someone else will be able to setup environment like this!

Greetings, Mirsoft