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Friday, 22.April, 2005.

Tada... Surprisingly, another update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods is here Smiley Nothing much to say, another very cool pieces (not only game rips, but also cool Mod arrangements thanks to Cyborg Jeff) to listen, so visit and check Smiley

Wednesday, 23.March, 2005.

Greetings in another month and in another archive update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods. This time the update is especially cool, thanks to great uploads by some of you guys. I would especially like to thank Mormaeglin for lot of great PC Midi and Mod additions and Mike Clarke for sending me his cool Sega Mega-CD MOD game compositions and also lot of database fixes according to his work. And thanks also to everyone else who found the time to send useful Mod and Midi music ;) Btw., near Mods and Midi updates I'm almost constantly updating also Game Music Base. I'm not writing the updates notifications here, because it's updating almost every day, so it wouldn't have a sense to write every day the same text Smiley You can always check the latest changes when you e.g. sort the music records list according the Last update.

Friday, 18.February, 2005.

Hi! I recognized that long time wasn't done any update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods. Well, ok. Here is one ;))

Monday, 10.January, 2005.

Today I have two cool news for all the old computer fans from Prague, Czech Republic or the near surroundings.

The first one is that in February will be Bytefest here in Prague, which can be cool meeting of fans of old computers, with the competition of the best old computer music performer!

And the second news is that I'd like to give one fully working PC 486 computer well prepared to run old PC DOS games as a gift to someone, who could enjoy it and would like to rip some Midis from old games using this computer. Maybe you can join visit of Prague and Bytefest together with taking the computer from me, hmm? If you are interested, read this and let me know!

Thursday, 6.January, 2005.

Hi! Welcome to the new year, after little illnes during December I was finally able to process almost all of your submissions, which results to update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods. Also the Game music base is constantly updated with new records (it's almost every day, so I'm not writing GMB updates in this info, heh). Well, thanks to all who found the time to send something useful and happy new year!

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