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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 7.May, 2017.
Made in Slovakia.
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Recommended download
Dark Sun 1: Shattered Lands: Game rip

"Darksun1 MIDIS"
Excellent Music! Instead of being the usual cliche fantasy medieval, it's a stylish blend of medieval instruments blended with prog-rock and jazz in such a subtle way it ends up being simply unique. No doubt the music is one of the things that makes this game great

Unfortunately, these MIDIS are faster than the original music from the game. Hopefully some MIDI musician can help to correct their tempo...(spread the word!)

the music itself I rate a 10 out of 10
The ripped music however gets a 5 because they lose all the felling from what they were intended to have.

(by andvari, 1 May 2006)


Last archive update: 07.May 2017
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Welcome to World of game Mids, collection of game music in MIDI format. Midi format was very popular in PC games especially within years 1991-1996, so this site would enjoy every fan of PC game music (or PC game mids) from these years. And because quality of midi tunes raises with quality of soundcard, you can listen to these tunes now mostly in much better quality as you possibly listened to when the games were released! And yes, this page is also great resource if you are looking for cool mobile phone ringtunes based on music from games (of course, your cellphone must support polyphonic Midi files to play :) ). Near PC game music you can find here tons of another game music for other computers and consoles, either arranged or remixes - because MIDI is very popular format for doing arrangements or remixes of game tunes for all platforms. If you want some suggestions and want to know something more about game mids, look at World of Game Mids FAQ.

This MIDI collection has been created on the principle of another popular site World of Game MODs, where is BIG collection of tracked modules mostly from Amiga and PC. It is also well connected with Game Music Base, where you will find much more information about game music you won't find here.


  •  Only game tunes are included (no demo tunes, no competition tunes, ONLY tunes released in the games)
  •  Only tunes in MID format are available. Other Midi formats like HMP, XMI etc. were converted to MID mostly using WinAmp (see here how), to be playable in all Midi players. Sometimes is in the archive the same song in more MIDI versions (e.g. for FM, GM, XG, AWE etc..). If yes, these formats should be mentioned in parenthesis in "version" row. (see FAQ for details about these MIDI formats)
  •  One zip file corresponds to one game, the zip filename is complete name of the game and inside archive are all songs from the game available at the time.
  •  Every archive has info.txt file provided with some information about the game and tunes, and also if the archive is complete or not.


If you have any game midis that are missing in this archive, please read the Contribution info in FAQ. I hope together we make the archive more complete!

Top 10 downloads:

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Metal Gear Solid14604
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Command & Conquer14048
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil12191
Metal Gear Solid 211688
Doom 210336

Top 10 last week's downloads:

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Duke Nukem 3D26
True Love15
Warcraft 213
Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors12
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Rise of the Triad9
Dark Forces8

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