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Sunday, 18.July, 2004.

Hello in this sunny Sunday! (though maybe it's not sunny in your country and maybe it's not even Sunday Smiley ) Today I finished great Game Music Base engine update - thanks to cooperation with great abandonware game server OldGames.NU, from now many games and game music records on mirsoft.info have the direct link to download the corresponding full game from OldGames.NU (of course, if this download is available and possible)! And that's not all - soon will also other way be possible - so you will be able to download game music from mirsoft.info when you will be browsing OldGames.nu. Enjoy and long live the globalization SmileySmileySmiley

Monday, 12.July, 2004.

Welcome back from Holidays, Budapest was really nice city but Prague is the reality... Smiley During few free whiles travelling in train I managed to make one important Game Music Base update, this time there was added platform info inside the music records information (it was first important data model upgrade after 2 years, and I think rather valuable Smiley ). Due to this update, lot of records expanded, and also small update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids happened, to fix some small issues. I also added the additional tunes into the Jazz Jackrabbit mods archive sent to me kindly by DarkGlider, so this one is the only "real" archive update now. Maybe you recognized that I launched small button called "Make a donation" in the left side-bar, so you can now support mirsoft.info site via PayPal if you think it is worth of any support Smiley Yo and I received some more mails with database updates from you, which I will process this week, sorry for delay due to the holidays. If there will be a time, I hope I will *finally* finish some user interface to upload files into WOG-Mods/Mids and report bugs/additions in Game Music Base. Keep cool in the hot weather Smiley

Thursday, 1.July, 2004.

This is great archive update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids! Though done in very big hurry before vacation, so I hope I didn't mess up anything. Thanks fly to Kilu, which found many badly assigned arranged mods (mostly in Final Fantasy and Castlevania games), and who also sent me all his great new remixed mods! And thanks fly also to Dark Glider, who sent me great Silverball music, and Dr. Spa for his new Mega Man additions plus few more. Greetings and I'll go away from computer for a week or two, finally SmileySmiley

Tuesday, 29.June, 2004.

Today I received great news - the Symphonic Game Music Concert will be in Lepzig (Germany) this year again! There will be performed by symphinc orchestra great game tunes like Turrican or Monkey Island, Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid - and if it will be almost half as good as last year, it will sure have big sense to visit Leipzig 18th August. I will do my best to attend too and when I'll be there, I will sure tell you how it was Smiley Oh and you can read more info or order tickets here.

Friday, 25.June, 2004.

I did the slight redesign of the site today. This doesn't claim to be any big redesign and it will only fix the main layout issues, but it is just the beginning of making the site a bit more clear at least. Feel free to write me any suggestions, what would you make better on the navigation and layout. I know that mirsoft.info is worth of better design as it is now, so I'll try to do something with it. Smiley
Oh yes, and I'm happy to say that downloads are much faster (thanks to registered-users only access) and that new Mirror has been appeared thanks to DarkLord from OldGames.nu!

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