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Wednesday, 4.January, 2006.

Exactly after two months of really busy time there comes another update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids. Mods came this time at first place, because I got lot of great submissions this time! Check it out, you sure won't be disappointed.

Friday, 4.November, 2005.

Maybe you recognized there was not any archive update for a while. I'll tell you the truth, main cause is World of Warcraft - this game absolutely got me last weeks, there wasn't maybe 5 years any game I was so addicted to and fascinated from Smiley The other side is that it's pretty much time consuming and it successfully grabs also last remains of my free time, so expect a bit lesser updates of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods and complain Blizzard. Smiley However, fortunately my life is saved now, because there wasn't so many submissions last weeks, so this update is not so big (though there are some very good pieces!).

Oh and yet one thing. If you will want to meet me in the World of Warcraft, I'm "Mirsoftsk" on realm Sylvanas, currently Level 17 Undead Warrior. Smiley May the force be with... eh.. Embrace the Shadow! ;)

Wednesday, 14.September, 2005.

One small-but-very-nice update World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods. This time there is quality before quantity, check for yourself. ;)

Wednesday, 24.August, 2005.

I hope you survived this cold and rainy holidays without any harm. But at the end I bring you very fresh update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods. Of course, not only me, but especially great contributors like Mormaeglin, Accatone, Raina and lot of others which flies my big thanks to. This time the update is really cool, with lot of real jewels inside - if I could recommend, check at least tunes to Alien Incident, Wonderland, DemonStar, Xenophage or Menateus. These are great soundtracks done by famous musicians and some of them are very rare (at least I looked for them really long time ;) )!

Friday, 15.July, 2005.

Happy holidays! ;) Welcome to another update of World of Game Mids and World of Game Mods. This time it's mostly about Mids, only one archive was updated in Mods. Perhaps it means that world's game mods archive is almost complete? I doubt ;) However, enjoy! ;)

Yes and one worse news. Seems that 1MB limit for downloading files without registration was too big - it raised a traffic from bots a lot. Therefore I needed to lower it a bit to 500 KB. This covers 70% of all mods, 95% of all mids, while keeping the useless traffic reasonable. I hope you will understand it.

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