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Thursday, 6.November, 2003.

It's another time for an not-very-big-but-very-quality update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids. This time really cool pieces have been added. Thanks to Sakura Matsumoto for Normality and Fancia mids, next to Robin Wetzel who sent me awesome Tyrian mids, and also thanks to Andrew Hodgson for Expert Pinball and Pinball world mods (they're pinballs, but don't be scared - the tunes are COOL!) and to fUEGO for Kupiec and Wacus the Detective mods - did I mention that Wacus tunes have been made by Scorpik? SmileySmiley Also, to not forget, Game music base was updated with some credits fixes and Game Mids FAQ file has been updated a little too.
Btw., expect next game mids update very soon - I have some cool mids like EVE - Burst Error, Gabriel Knight or Vietcong, but due to my dumb pressing of Delete key, they have to wait until I bring 'em back from home :( Well, I was really chaotic last days.... Smiley

Wednesday, 22.October, 2003.

Hi again! I haven't written long time a word into this news section, but it doesn't mean that nothing was actually new on the page (I was only a bit lazy to write news article Smiley ). I added some cool new photos - you can see few photos from Leipzig (there was unique orchestral game music concert in, which was very cool experience, and you can see there also cool photos from the Gaming convention game show, and from the city Leipzig). and Berlin (the lookaround this very nice city). Additionally, Game music base has been updated with new CD soundtracks I was able to listen and to make reviews. Btw., thanks again who write reviews in Reviews section, they are really cool! Smiley

Monday, 4.August, 2003.

Another time for a small update - this time it is Game music base, with some new musicians infos added (mostly 2003 games). Also as you may see, I have changed the website location, which allows much more stable and faster mods and mids downloads.. Yuch Smiley

Monday, 28.July, 2003.

Maybe you know, maybe not, but in Germany will take place an unique symphonic Game music concert, and it will be world's first game music concert to perform Western and Japanese video game music, with confirmed personal attendance of top game musicians like Nobuo Uematsu or Olof Gustafsson! You can read more about this concert here. I will sure come to Leipzig that time, to see this action, hehe Smiley And I'll be also look on following Games Convention Gaming expo... Well, I'm looking to be at the gaming expo after 5 years, so I hope it will be full of cool things, hehe Smiley

Sunday, 8.June, 2003.

Hi, I'm sorry I did not update the archives such a long time but you know - everybody is short of time sometimes and has lot of work which brings money (and yes, you guess right, money does *not* bring mirsoft.info site Smiley ). Well, I know, money is disgusting, bad, commercial being, but it is unfortunately necessary essence for life. Smiley Anyway, enough of philosophy, now I did updates of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids with few tunes which I received from you during the time. I plan to enhance reviews section somehow, because I see your music reviews are nice Smiley Thanks for them and enjoy game music! Smiley

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