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Wednesday, 21.January, 2004.

Hello again in the new year! Smiley This time comes a*m*a*z*i*n*g update of World of Game MIDs!. Extreme Assault, Vietcong, Asterix & Obelix, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Full Throttle, Snatcher, Gradius 2, Tokimeki Memorial... - what a name, that a great music! Smiley I'm really very happy for these. And I cannot forget to mention also cool update of World of Game MODs - only one archive, but what an archive it is - original music from Elvira 2, real adventure bomb of these Amiga times.... Enjoy it and be good ;)

Monday, 5.January, 2004.

Today I found very good news in my mailbox. World's first archive with Adlib Games Music has been born and is found at this page. AdLib music was very popular in PC Games from sooner 90s together with MIDI, but comparing to the MIDs (found at World of Game MIDs) AdLib tunes sound always accurately on any soundcard (though the quality is lower than equivalent MIDs). Maybe you remember games like Gobliins 2 and 3, Dune II, Megarace or Whale's Voyage - the AdLib music in them was really awesome. Though this page is only first shot with 29 music archives, I wish Death Adder lot of luck with this page. AdLib music is really worth of much more attention than it gets now.

Thursday, 1.January, 2004.

After some time I updated Game music base a bit. Added have been lot of new games (from year 2003), homepages of musicians etc.

Thursday, 4.December, 2003.

Small update of infos of few tunes and lost "EVE - Burst Error" soundtrack in World of Game Mids and added remixes to Piranha game in the World of Game Mods section. Sorry, no more time for processing few more cool midis I have, but I hope in the future the times will be better Smiley

Friday, 7.November, 2003.

It's another time for an not-very-big-but-very-quality update of World of Game Mods and World of Game Mids. This time really cool pieces have been added. Thanks to Sakura Matsumoto for Normality and Fancia mids, next to Robin Wetzel who sent me awesome Tyrian mids, and also thanks to Andrew Hodgson for Expert Pinball and Pinball world mods (they're pinballs, but don't be scared - the tunes are COOL!) and to fUEGO for Kupiec and Wacus the Detective mods - did I mention that Wacus tunes have been made by Scorpik? SmileySmiley Also, to not forget, Game music base was updated with some credits fixes and Game Mids FAQ file has been updated a little too.
Btw., expect next game mids update very soon - I have some cool mids like EVE - Burst Error, Gabriel Knight or Vietcong, but due to my dumb pressing of Delete key, they have to wait until I bring 'em back from home :( Well, I was really chaotic last days.... Smiley

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