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Wednesday, 24.March, 2004.

Big update of World of game Mods and World of game Mids. This time it was mostly focused on correcting song data information about authors and archivers/rippers (especially in Game Mids section) and adding some songs to existing archives, but you can see also wholy new and great soundtracks like Speed Haste (in Mods section) or Caesar 2 (in Mids). And of course, a lot lot more, I hope you'll enjoy this great music Smiley

Friday, 19.March, 2004.

Another cute update of World of game Mods and World of game Mids. This time more mods than mids ;) Thanks go out to Dr. Spa for lot of contributions and reviews Smiley Btw., I plan to add average rating in the list of music records, coming from reviews Smiley I hope this will make the music more quality-descriptive Smiley

Monday, 8.March, 2004.

Just very fast, another update World of game Mods and World of game Mids. Before vacation I smashed almost all the great tunes from my disk to the archives, so you can download something during the time I'll not be there Smiley Look in the New section from each "world" Smiley to see what's new and enjoy! (of course, I'll be back Smiley )

Friday, 5.March, 2004.

Well, yesterday I mentioned it, and today it's reality - archive update of World of game Mods and World of game Mids. You should sure look at Lemmings 3D Midi soundtrack, it is one of the best soundtracks I ever heard (not only mods or mids, but overall), and absolutely best Lemmings soundtrack ever made! (it contains 38 midi tunes). This is real must have for every midi music fan and I'm really happy I was finally able to add this jewel to the archive. Also check cool soundtracks like Future Dimension or Radix in Game Mods archive. Finally there are a bit more news also in Game MODs, not only in Game MIDs section Smiley

Thursday, 4.March, 2004.

Today was finished big revision of World of Game MIDs FAQs section, especially I added huge section about ripping Midi files from PC games, which I was finally able to finish, with lot of help of Borg. no One, Totoro and Hadanite Marasek. Also other questions about playing MIDI files were enhanced and changed to catch the reality more. And you can also find interesting info how to play ZIP archives in WinAmp (I would never guess this is possible Smiley ) or how to convert MIDI/MOD files to MP3, which was hard to find for lot of people. Enjoy and watch for next archive update, something tells me it will be cool! Smiley

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