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Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
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mhex information

Nick: mhex

mhex's reviews:

    Speedball 2: Game rip
    "Brutally Good" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [9/10]
    Main theme song is 3 mns long, a true classic with a unique overall sound.

    Speedball: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Me like" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [7/10]
    One remixed tune, 2 mns long. Me like it! What can you say, it's speedball. Good game, good music. This of course is a remixed version, not the Whittaker original. Sounds okay enough however.

    Face Off: Game rip
    "Catchy" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [7/10]
    Short, decent catchy chipish tune. 2 mns long.

    Creepy: Game rip
    "Average" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [6/10]
    The intro is rather crude and loud. The ingame mod at 4 mns, is casual and rather bland, not incredibly bad either but close.

    Abandoned Places 2: Game rip
    "Gloomy/Mysterious" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [8/10]
    Almost as "phat" as the shadow of the beast tunes. Only one tune, but a solid killer. Shame it's only 2 mns long, it's way too short, yet it loops nicely.

    A320 Airbus: Game rip
    "Somber.. and Solid" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [8/10]
    4mns long.. and rather good. Good guitar "echoes", decent sound overall. Definitely on the somber side, but works beautifully so. Solid tune.

    Base Jumpers: Game rip
    "Bass Jumpers?" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [6/10]
    So so techno songs with some bass, not too weak, mediocre overall still. Not bad per say, not great either. Only a minute each.

    Armalyte: Game rip
    "Soothing" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [7/10]
    The main title muzak is soothing yet forgetable. 3 mns long. Well paced, not rushed. The ingame music is chippish and surprisingly good overall. Worth listening to at least once, gentle and sharp.

    Cybernoid: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Solid Sound" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [10/10]
    The main song is 6 mns long, includes remixes. Wow. Very impressive. Amiga Classic.

    Cyberball: Game rip
    "Upbeat" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [7/10]
    Technoesque upbeat title tune, 2 mns long. Bold sound and rather unique. Decent set. "Welcome to Cyberball!".

    Commando: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Brilliant Chip Tunes" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [10/10]
    Brilliant, high quality, great chip tunes, very strong and diversified. The main tune is 6 mns long, others are 2-3 mns. Includes high quality remixes. If you dig chip tunes, look no further, this is chip tune at it's best.

    Blood Money: Game rip
    "Bloooood Money!" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [8/10]
    The biggest unanswered question is: Where is the money? :)

    House music tempo mixed + tons of voice samples. Can you believe I used to listen to this on my walkman? (when I was about 13). How much of a geek can you be, really.

    Unlike the Captain Fizz tune (same composer), this one flies. Yes, it's corny as hell, back in the old days however, it was state of the art. It's deliciously catchy as well. Bomb the bass!

    Highly recommended just for the classical factor of the tune. Love it or hate it, it's a legendary classic.

    Coloris: Game rip
    "Spacey & Trippy" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [8/10]
    Only one module here but it's a long one. Trippy, quiet/slow, spacey ambient music that often morphs into the standard amiga module. Almost sounds like a genuine ambient song. Nothing memorable, but an enjoyable slowish spacey/ambient tune.

    Captain Fizz: Game rip
    "Blood Money is better" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [6/10]
    Lots of voice samples. "This is a test!" "Check this out!" and a house music theme. Weak, corny overall, might be worth hearing once however, for the plethora of voice samples alone :) Mix of voice samples, laser shots and standard upbeat amiga melody.

    Bombuzal: Game rip
    "Love it, Hate it?" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [6/10]
    Quirky tune with an odd beat. What can I say, irritating or enjoyable? You decide. I'm not quite sure myself, so I'll rate as a "okay" song. Some guitar chords mixed with weird synth notes. 2 mns long. Definitely _not_ classic material :)

    Blob, The: Game rip
    "One strange synth like sound tune.. others, standard" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [6/10]
    6 tunes, the title music sounds has a spacey/synth like sound, a bit like kraftwerk or some ambient song, not too shabby. The level mods are faster paced, the credits and bonus mods totally forgetable. Might be worth listening to for the title mod, it has a unique sound to it.

    Beyond the Ice Palace: Game rip
    "Eery & Upbeat" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [7/10]
    Massive, eery, upbeat chipish tune. Classic tune, quite good overall, if a tad repetitive. Chip art! Almost 4 mns in length.

    Alien 3: Game rip
    "Short but decent" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [7/10]
    Enjoyable, yet extremely short tunes. Like most amiga tunes, they're meant to be looped, so it's not a problem. Ambient/Synth like tunes. One tune per level. Nothing memorable, but not too bad either. The level 5 tune gets rather strange (in a good way) near the end.

    Savage, The: Game rip
    "Orchestral instruments, voice samples" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [8/10]
    Loud/Boisterous, very original songs with good voice samples (shouts!). Oooh Savage.

    The music fits the game extremely well, giving Savage a unique, memorable sound. Sounds very different from the average Amiga tune, which is part of the appeal of this set. Best played loudly.

    Hybris: Game rip
    "In my amiga tune top 5" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [10/10]
    Incredible amiga chip tune. One of the most popular, unique amiga tunes and a cult classic. This is the true, genuine, original version of this all time classic (cust.title_and_ingame). Avoid the chessy remixed .mod version at all cost. You can play this version using Deliplayer.

    Cubulus: Game rip
    "Recommended" (by mhex, 13 Apr 2004) [8/10]
    High quality ambient/dreamy tunes, great samples, Surprisingly good, different from the standard amiga tempo.