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Last updated: 13.March, 2016.
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Wednesday, 12.February, 2003.

What a nice update of Game Music Base is it this time:

  • Finished addition of MP3 arranged/remixed game music records, connected with Overclocked Remix site, where you can directly download the tunes from!
  • Added new music format, PlayStation Music Format - only first infos are there yet with links to the few tunes at Zophar's Domain archive, but this is really very promising one for fans of PS1 game music and lot of tunes will sure follow!
  • Updated games infos and added around 1000 games to games database.

    Monday, 20.January, 2003.

    Hi folks, I did another data addition to Game Music Base platforms list, now all important consoles and computers have lot of info inside! In the future I will fulfill also these "less important" ones when will have time ;)

    Monday, 6.January, 2003.

    Hello, I hope you had good X-mas Smiley I made great enhancements of Game Music Base, added Platforms list, Musicians list, Manual for list views to be able to better navigate through the lists! Though platforms list is filled with data only for some platforms, the rest will come soon.. Smiley

    Wednesday, 4.December, 2002.

    I updated Game Music Base with few new digital audio soundtracks information, tracklists and reviews (look at the latest additions here. Until Xmas I will not have lot of time, so don't expect lot of updates; but it's good to know that the game music reviews section is growing nicely too, thanks to all who keep doing short nice reviews! ;)

    Thursday, 14.November, 2002.

    Welcome after long time in another cool uptade:

  • World of Game Mods has got 2 archives with added new tunes.
  • World of Game Mids has nice update with new PC games.
  • Game Music Base updated on another games and reviews.

    I'd like also thank to all who submitted reviews to music. Keep doing it! Smiley

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