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Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
Made in Slovakia.
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Cloud_Strife information

Nick: Cloud_Strife
Homepage: lechuckie@deviantart.com

Cloud_Strife says:

I love gaming music and drawing... thats about it :-)

Cloud_Strife's reviews:

    Monkey Island 2: Game rip
    "This is surely a game rip" (by Cloud_Strife, 2 May 2005) [9/10]
    Its an awsome music collection right here. there is just one little bad thing about it.
    When you start the song there will be a break of about 2 or 3 secs were there will be no music and then it will start. thats a way to long break. other then that... NICE

    Secret Of Monkey Island, The: Game rip
    "The other guy is right" (by Cloud_Strife, 2 May 2005) [6/10]
    This midi is totely wrong when it comes to the intro song, it sounds like some person who dosnt have any idea what rythm is trying to play a song he heard a guy sing for himself 3 years ago. really really plain awfull... the other songs though are ok and surely worth a download

Cloud_Strife as source of these music records:

These music records are available to you also thanks to Cloud_Strife. This means, if the tune is Digital Audio, Cloud_Strife probably supplied some information to the music record. In case of downloadable MOD/MID music files he probably supplied and/or ripped some or all tunes.