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Blutus information

Nick: Blutus

Blutus's reviews:

    Disposable Hero: Game rip
    "Excellent" (by Blutus, 8 Feb 2004) [10/10]
    First off, the sound's really great. This is some of the best sound I've heard on the Amiga. Dark, atmospheric, fast paced progressions. Wonderful samples.

    Second, the music itself is superb. It's hard to categorize the style of it, but I'd say it's some sort of techno (but not really, since I usually don't like techno...).
    Rick Hoekman and Hein Holt did an amazing job on this one.

    Edit: After playing these tunes with a different modplayer, I'm raising my score by one. A lot of the songs has extra music that goes beyond what says in the player, and not all players can play this extra music. Also, one song that I earlier thought was pretty boring plays at double speed in my new player, and what a difference! This is clearly what it's supposed to sound like.

    Benefactor: Game rip
    "Good soundtrack to a good game" (by Blutus, 22 May 2003) [8/10]
    I really like this soundtrack. The title music is outstanding. Considering the amount of time I've spent playing this game, it's not strange I love it (...or maybe it is?). Great job by Olof Gustafsson.

    Dune: Game rip
    "Wonderful" (by Blutus, 22 May 2003) [10/10]
    Since this game only contains three songs, it's pretty hard to judge it.
    Considering every one of the three is amazing, I find it hard to give it anything other than a perfect score.
    Stephane Picq really managed to create a perfect atmosphere for the desert planet Dune.

    Jumping Jackson: Game rip
    "Strange, but good" (by Blutus, 22 May 2003) [9/10]
    Stephane Picq once again shows his skills in composing catchy game tunes.
    Jumping Jackson has one of the strangest, coolest, funniest, most classic soundtracks I've heard.
    Oh, and the title music is an altered version of The Rolling Stones' "Jumping Jackflash". :)