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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 3.October, 2022.
Made in Slovakia.
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CyberCat information

Nick: CyberCat

CyberCat says:

Nothing much to say other than I really like Mirsoft!

CyberCat's reviews:

    Loom: Game rip
    "Very Pretty!" (by CyberCat, 29 Mar 2003) [10/10]
    Not as good as in the accual game, but
    very good for MIDI. Includes most of
    the music from the game the the MIDI format.
    Very fast download. I give it a ten not
    because it accualy sounds exactilly like
    the really from the game, but because all
    the accualle notes are right, and with a few
    ajustments this can sound exactilly like in
    the game. And you wont find this anywere else!

    Thanks, Mirsoft!

    One Must Fall 2097: Game rip
    "Astonishing!" (by CyberCat, 29 Mar 2003) [9/10]
    Just like in the game!
    True proof that good things come in small packages! But this doesn't include ALL the songs from the game but it does most, like the theme song and the music from the arenas.
    Very nice thank you Mirsoft!

    Epic Pinball: Game rip
    "Impresive!" (by CyberCat, 29 Mar 2003) [9/10]
    Very similer to in the game!
    Also very small file!
    All of the music from the original game!

    Thank you Mirsoft!

    Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
    "Winderful!" (by CyberCat, 29 Mar 2003) [10/10]
    These are just like in the game!!
    Wonderful! I've looked for these everywhere!
    Nowere else on the NET will you find TrackerFiles this good! It took me about 40 minutes over a 28.8 modem. You'll also need a
    Tracker file player like winamp.

    Very good!

    Thank you Mirsoft!