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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 7.May, 2017.
Made in Slovakia.
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Nick: q
Country: United States

q's reviews:

    Cold blood: Game rip
    "DrSpa, only a fool would want to go to Hell!" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [6/10]
    Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ, the literal son of God himself was manifest in the flesh upon this earth, to die for the sins of mankind. That is the reason why each and every one of us has the potential to enjoy eternal happiness in God's Kingdom. Heaven or Hell is a choice every person must make at a certain point in their lives. Haven't you ever been curious about what happens after you die? I mean TRULY Curious? Are you REALLY willing to treat eternal damnation as just a "fun ride"? Or entertaining Concept? Are you willing to risk the possibility of literally suffering FOREVER? Here is what the Lord wants you to do: in a place where you have complete privacy, ask Him, with tears streaming down your cheeks, pounding upon your chest "God, if you're real, SHOW Me! Show me SOMETHING! SAY something. Make a noise... please do SOMETHING! Give me a Sign! If you do, I will serve you all the days of my life, as a reward to you, Heavenly Father, for this revelation, and for the realization that you are indeed REAL! And therefore

    Bomb Jack: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "We need more games with the word BOMB in the title!" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [7/10]
    Seriously. I knew right off the bat this game must have been made in Japan, with a title like that. A company based in the west would shy away from using names like that, nowadays, for obvious reasons.

    Blaster Master: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Most memorable song of all time" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [7/10]
    You guys know what I'm talkin about. This is a favorite and respected classic among serious gamers and remixers.

    Bionic Commando: Game rip
    "Elicits a sincere emotional response in the listener" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [7/10]
    I first played this game as a kid. I remember feeling so strongly in the "righteousness" of my cause, fighting against the forces of evil. Yeah I knew it was just a game, but man the suspension of disbelief is amplified by the profoundly emotion evoking soundtrack. Goosebump inducing.

    Batman: Game rip
    "disappointment" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [1/10]
    I listen to soundtrack of ANY Batman game. But not this crud. 0/10