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rambutaan information

Nick: rambutaan

rambutaan's reviews:

    Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds: Game rip
    "Million to One" (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [10/10]
    I concur. This soundtrack is da b0mb. Excellent techno remixes of Jeff Wayne's classics that give the right mood to the game. Play as the valiant armies of Britannia and you'll hear the sombre 'Dead London' or the allusions to hope in 'Brave New World'. Play as the technologically superior Martian invaders and calm your nerves while squishing the humans by listening to 'The Red Weed' or perhaps cry "Ulla!" when you destroy that Human HQ while listening to "The Fighting Machine". The original music was great and fortunately, the remixes are just as good. Top stuff!

    T.F.X: Game rip
    "Looks like the lizard..." (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [7/10]
    Unfortunately, three out of the four mods (MEDs to be precise) didn't work when I extracted the mods. The remaining mod that DID work was rather good though, being a remix of the main theme song. It's very fitting music and just listening to it makes you want to uphold the values of the United Nations (by 'peacekeeping' in your fully armed EF2000 of course ;)). I like what was done with the instruments in this. One of the annoying high pitched instruments that existed in the original has been replaced with a more appropriate one. Kudos to the remixer for doing so. I would've given a higher mark if it wasn't for the abscense of the other tracks.

    Ultima 6: Game rip
    "The Avatar would be pleased" (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [7/10]
    This is the best quality music I've heard ripped from Ultima 6: The False Prophet, so far. The music is in tune and it really gives the medieval/fantasy feel that you should expect from a game in the Ultima series. Only criticisms are that at least one of the tunes was cut short and a couple of the instruments used sounded slightly out of place. Besides that, they're good mods.

    Utopia: Game rip
    ""We're reaching a major BREATHROUGH!"" (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [10/10]
    Ah, Utopia. An excellent sci-fi strategy game with great MOD music. Nothing to complain about here. All the mods from the game are here (all 4 of them) and all of them are of high quality with great beats. There's even a synth version of Pachebel's Canon! Great music!

    Worms: Game rip
    "First blood!" (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [4/10]
    I don't know if it's just me, but this rip of the music sounds a lot duller than how I originally imagined the Worms theme. However it is authentic and maintains the original melody and sound effects. Okay, but I've heard better Worms music.

    Xenon 2: The Megablast: Game rip
    "None can outrun or equal the power of the original" (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [2/10]
    Great game and it had a great soundtrack based on the 80s hit Megablast by Bomb the Bass. These remixes unfortunately are rather low quality. bomb_the_bass.mod manages to stay on the beat although the bitrate is low. miniblast.mod deviates considerably from the original melody and is unfortunately quite simplistic. Xenon 2 - Megablast.mod 's tempo is too slow and the final mod, xenon2.xm is okay except in the last 10 seconds or so. I recommend the original track if you really want to remind yourself of Xenon 2 rather than these remixes.

    UFO: Enemy Unknown: Game rip
    "Eerie X-COM Main Title sets the mood" (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [5/10]
    Not much of a melody in this tune, but it's authentic and indeed from the main menu screen of X-COM. I was slightly disappointed that the archive didn't come with the Intro theme or the 'rockin' (okay not quite ;)) Interceptor theme or any of the other music in the game, although what is contained is good, if rather bland. Good mood music though :).

    Star Control 2: Game rip
    "We come in peace!" (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [9/10]
    I actually got into Star Control 2 late, when I read that this game got mentioned as having one of the top 10 game soundtracks ever by GameSpot(http://www.gamespot.com/features/tenspot_music/page9.html). Star Control 2's music was way ahead of its time, with lots of memorable techno tracks that you wouldn't even be ashamed to play in public (well, not too much ;)). Most of the tracks from the game are contained in here and there are many good ones. A few of them are just ambient stuff but all in all they're very good quality. Highly recommended!

    Monkey Island 2: Game rip
    "Excellent quality MODs enhances injection of nostalgia" (by rambutaan, 10 Nov 2002) [9/10]
    The best quality music based on Monkey Island 2 I have heard yet. Great Reggae, Blues and Funk was what made the Monkey Island 2 soundtrack memorable - it just suited the setting of the Carribean so well. I would've given this archive 10/10 if it weren't for the beginning of the Monkey Island 2 Main Theme sounding a bit dull and the fact there's only 4 mods in total. Overall though, top stuff!