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jan information

Nick: jan

jan's reviews:

    Body Blows Galactic: Game rip
    "By this type of games unique" (by jan, 8 Oct 2005) [8/10]
    Well, I cannot agree to the 1st review because I know some better game musics on amiga, but they play in types of games which are not comparable to body blows. One really doesnt await such good music to arrange battle. I especially liked the track on the planet with tropical forest (I cannot remember name of the planet, it is so long I playd computer games :-)

    Hook: Game rip
    "Wonderful melodies" (by jan, 8 Oct 2005) [9/10]
    Yes, exactly, I would say not only a better game but a better usage at all. Try to play e.g. the song from the 4-seasons-garden on real piano and no1 will believe it is from a computer game. It is beautiful.

    Flashback: Game rip
    "Beautiful melodies, sofisticated made" (by jan, 8 Oct 2005) [9/10]
    All melodies fit perfect to the situations in the game and some are good enough to be listened only for pleasure. But what one has to accent is the proffesional arrangement. This was the first game music I looked "inside" the mod files and wondered about the tricks, how the autors came up to the fact that they have on amiga 4 sound tracks (2 "left" and 2 "right" :-) and only few tens of kbs to make good music. How to make echo? How to make really stereo? Download these mods, its the best school.