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SpikeNexus information

Nick: SpikeNexus

SpikeNexus's reviews:

    Mystic Towers: Game rip
    "Brings back memories" (by SpikeNexus, 24 Jul 2005) [7/10]
    I don't remember most of these tunes because I Mystic Towers never ran properly on my 386 for some odd reason, but I do remember the menu theme, now.

    I hadn't heard the menu tune for about nine years, but I instantly remembered it when I heard it in this archive. Very nice.

    Hocus Pocus: Game rip
    "A few good ones..." (by SpikeNexus, 3 Jul 2005) [5/10]
    The soundtrack from this game never really struck me like the music from Jazz Jackrabbit or Commander Keen did. That's not to say it's bad music - it's okay, I guess.

    My favourite tune, and the only one which I remember from playing the game, would be Hocus006.mid - the menu theme, if I've remembered correctly.

    Duke Nukem 2: Game rip
    "Quite good, for a midi..." (by SpikeNexus, 3 Jul 2005) [7/10]
    Despite being midi files, which really don't sound as true to the game as the IMF files do, these songs are quite okay to listen to.

    Epic Pinball: Game rip
    "Epic tunes." (by SpikeNexus, 3 Jul 2005) [8/10]
    Some songs in this archive remind me quite intensly of Jazz Jackrabbit 1. This is perhaps because Robert Allen is a composer for both, and possibly the same or similar samples were used.

    The Jazz Jackrabbit music is some of my favourite music, so I'm fine with them reminding me of each other.

    Jill of the Jungle: Game rip
    "Some fantastic work from Dan Froelich" (by SpikeNexus, 3 Jul 2005) [9/10]
    Some very enjoyable music from Dan Froelich. Most of the songs included seem to fit the mood of the game/levels well. Dan.mid is quite pleasing to the ears.

    Cosmos Cosmic Adventure: Game rip
    "Music from the Prince" (by SpikeNexus, 3 Jul 2005) [7/10]
    Some okay music, however I don't remember the tune from Breakdwn.mid in the game anywhere...

    Cosmo2.mid and Gowacky.mid appear to be very similar...

    Commander Keen: Game rip
    "Nice memories..." (by SpikeNexus, 3 Jul 2005) [7/10]
    I agree with the post above that the IMF version of the Keen music does sound more true to the game, but the midi files are still okay. If only Bobby Prince composed midi versions of some more of the songs...

    One Must Fall 2097: Game rip
    "Excellent listenage." (by SpikeNexus, 3 Jul 2005) [9/10]
    Not only is OMF:2097 an enjoyable game to play, but the music is also some of the best game music I've ever heard. The clarity of all instruments makes for even better listening.

    As mentioned above, the menu theme is possibly one of the best songs in this collection.