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Smebb information

Nick: Smebb

Smebb says:

Psychiatric artist, retro computerer, punky spiritual, web designing and developing guy. =)

Smebb's reviews:

    Lemmings: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "Oh no!!!" (by Smebb, 31 Jan 2005) [10/10]
    Lemmings was one of my many favourite games when I wan young, it wasn't the graphics. Oh no! (lol) It was the playability and music that did it for me. The game was, and still is, very addictive and the music that accompanied it made it even more enjoyable.

    I remember humming the music on my way to primary school.

    As with many retro gamers I have searched and searched for decent MIDIs of games, and especially the soundtrack for lemmings. I have found a few, which were made and remixed by artists, but these here! They are the real deal! I even set my amiga up and listened to it! Apart from my soundcard having crap synth voices, it sounded -EXACTLY- like the amiga! :D which I am very pleased with.

    All in all, a must download for any retro gamers. Perfecto!