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9 information

Nick: 9

9's reviews:

    Beach Volley: Game rip
    "Volley up!" (by 9, 1 Dec 2004) [7/10]
    For some reason, it seem like volleball games tend to have better music than most sports games. I'm not sure why that is. Anyway, this game is no exception. Several of these tunes are quite nice and pretty catchy, too. The different idiosynchratic themes for each location are funny, too.

    Amiga Columns: Game rip
    "Nice samples.." (by 9, 1 Dec 2004) [5/10]
    There are some darn cool samples in this game's soundtrack. I particularly dig the thumping "Bonham"-esque drums on song 1 and the techno babble in song 4.

    Airline: Game rip
    "Catchy theme tune in here..." (by 9, 1 Dec 2004) [6/10]
    Most of the tunes in this game are only average, but the "Airline" theme (complete with sampled vocals!) is cool indeed. A nice slice of 80's synth pop ala
    Missing Persons.

    Air Duel: Game rip
    "Heavy MODal" (by 9, 1 Dec 2004) [6/10]
    This tune is for people who turned off the volume on their Amiga and put on the Metallica's "Black Album" instead.

    Aggression: Game rip
    "I think I know who did this BTW..." (by 9, 1 Dec 2004) [6/10]
    I'm almost positive Huelsbeck did this tune. I'm pretty sure I heard an arranged version of this tune on one of his CD's.
    Pretty cool bass sample in there.

    Catch'em: Game rip
    "Jungle music?" (by 9, 16 Aug 2003) [6/10]
    I have good memories of the Catch Em soundtrack, those fun little bouncy techno-Euro-pop dittes that I would dance to as a young un...looking back at them now, they don't come across as particularly engaging but they are still fun to listen to.

    I will say that this stuff could totally be on an Aqua album...
    ...take that as you will...

    Aufschwung Ost: Game rip
    "Alles ist gut!" (by 9, 16 Aug 2003) [7/10]
    This is an interesting tune. It's melodic structure is quirky and has a slightly dissonant, staccatto nature to it that reminds me quite a bit of some stuff by Devo or even DAF. I recommed it, it's certainly unique and dancebale, too.