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Wing Commander Armada: Game rip
"Another great soundtrack from good ol Origin times" (by zomg111, 18 May 2011) [9/10]
This soundtrack does not disappoint although it only comes second after Wing Commander/2 and Strike Commander imho. Still some really great and atmospheric space tunes in this pack, especially the awesome spaceship showcase tune (track 40).

Chessmaster 5000: Game rip
"Thanks" (by Checkmater, 7 Apr 2011) [10/10]
Thanks so much, I was looking for this MIDI set for long time ago, now I can look for my favorite songs!


Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"Jazz 2 Soundtrack *Two Thumbs Up*" (by TGibb, 1 Apr 2011) [10/10]
I played this game as a kid and this music brings it all back. Love every track!
An absolute must!

Curse of the Azure Bonds: Game rip
"SSI Recycling Tunes" (by Larris, 28 Mar 2011) [6/10]
Curse, being the second installment in the "Forgotten Realms Fantasy Role-Playing Epic" otherwise known as SSI's first Gold Box series, was also the last to be released for the Commodore 64. Its predecessor, the trailblazing Pool of Radiance, actually used this very same intro song for its Commodore 64 version as Curse of the Azure Bonds. In other words, SSI saved a lot of money.

Strangely, the Amiga (ported and enhanced by UbiSoft) and NES versions of Pool of Radiance had very different music, which also were nice. Curse, OTOH, used this music in all versions.

I absolutely love this song, but I'd have given a higher rating, were it one that was originally written for Curse.

Unreal (Epic Megagames): Game rip
"Masterpiece" (by Xeogred, 15 Mar 2011) [10/10]
Unreal isn't a game, it's an experience. Majorly thanks to the music, some of the most atmospheric and powerful stuff I've ever heard. Once you first make your way outside of the ship at the start of the game and "Dusk Horizon" kicks in, you know you're in for a ride. This and Deus Ex are utterly timeless and it's a shame music like this didn't last too long, it doesn't get much better than this.

In Pursuit of Greed: Game rip
"Deus Ex / Unreal's mother" (by Xeogred, 15 Mar 2011) [10/10]
Andrew Sega and Alexander Brandon are masterminds, some of the greatest videogame composers I've ever heard. Check this out if you dig Deux Ex / Unreal styled music.

Zodiac Tower: Game rip
"Nice easy listening...wish there was more!" (by Razorback, 4 Mar 2011) [7/10]
Really nice tunes, gentle with some surreal subtle sounds to spice them up.

I wish there were more than two!

Speris Legacy, The: Game rip
"Music that long outlasts the game." (by Belmakor, 28 Feb 2011) [10/10]
Some of these songs are still stuck in my head 14+ years after I first heard them. Despite finding the game near impossible as a kid, and in my opinion not that fun. This music is fantastic!

Raptor: Game rip
"Thanks Much!" (by boost2029, 25 Feb 2011) [10/10]
Hey it's great to hear again "hangar theme". I loved it so much that it was burned in my brain. Now I have de file!

Keep up the good work!

Secret Of Monkey Island, The: Game rip
"great value" (by boost2029, 24 Feb 2011) [8/10]
Hi there!

It's great to download this music! I loved that game.

Does anybody know if I can find this music but as heared in PC Speaker? It's how I listened to it, and I preffer it than as .mid.

My favorite cue was the one played when you see monkey island map and look for pirates to fight with. It was something like "pa pim papapapa pim papapapa pim pa pa pa papapapa".

Thanks for the download!

Jaguar XJ220: Game rip
"Great Soundtrack" (by 7rekker, 20 Feb 2011) [10/10]
It was a great game but music is really what made this game so great. Tracks like Background Noises, Moody Breeze, Speed Storm and Troubled Journey are not to be missed. Just totally chilled out stuff! On the technical note: trackers are awesome. Try to make legit music in 70KB or less (as in this case) I dare you!

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!: Game rip
"Punch 'em out!" (by Warcow, 10 Jan 2011) [9/10]
It was a very long time ago I wrote a review last time but here comes another one about the classic Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. I love the intromusic to it and the sounds and the song in the game itself is a bloodpumping, energetic tune that is a true classic and really enjoyable listening to.

Choro Q 3 Original Sound Collection Volume 1
"Hi!Nice!" (by milli, 6 Dec 2010) [10/10]

1942: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Theme inspired from ..." (by Sabal Do'Ghym, 26 Nov 2010) [5/10]
The music of the Commodore 64 version is based on the main verse of Ron Goodwin's 633 Squadron movie score

Cube-X: Game rip
"Nothing special" (by Razorback, 2 Nov 2010) [3/10]
Some nice sampling ruined by bland tunes and tinny beep like notes. A pity.

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark: Game rip
"Excellence" (by Razorback, 1 Nov 2010) [10/10]
If you love good music and ambience, download this soundtrack. It's fantastic.

Galaxus: Game rip
"Pleasant surprise" (by Razorback, 1 Nov 2010) [8/10]
Some nice futuristic space tunes here, combining ambience with funkiness, not perfect but fun to listen to.

Slithereens: Game rip
"nothing to see here" (by Razorback, 1 Nov 2010) [3/10]
Typical functional gaming music. Nothing special and not worth the download unless you are feeling sentimental.

Deus Ex: Game rip
"Game soundtrack masterpiece" (by Torment, 24 Oct 2010) [9/10]
This is what classics are made of. The music perfectly sets the mood (and what a magnificent, unique mood it is) for the game and is still as impressive as when I heard it the first time, many years ago. The best songs are Ending 1 (Dark Age), UNATCO, Intro, NYC Streets, DuClare Chateau, Versalife and NYC Bar 2. However, the greatest of them all... is Hong Kong Streets.

The only songs that bother me somewhat are the main title and Opponent Within. The main title feels too "high-strung" and a bit disjointed at times whereas Opponent Within loses its great potential exactly one minute into the song, becoming dull and far too short. This is why I have to grudgingly give it a 9 instead of 10. Still, undeniably a masterpiece and one of the best and most original game soundtracks that has ever existed.

Inner Worlds: Game rip
"Epic Music" (by Arkanfel, 5 Oct 2010) [9/10]
I love this game to pieces since I found it and started playing. The music is very engaging, and beautiful. I especially love Ttales(a.k.a Towne2). Other favorites of mine are Joy of Victory, and most of all, one of the most touching melodies I've ever heard heard is get in2 it. I love them all, but these songs stand out to me the most.

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