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Well, I didn't expect that!

(Review for Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr: Fan soundtrack by Dysonans)

Recently I came back to those Blair Witch games, also to first two movies. I played it back in the days, and those still holds up in my opinion, maybe not something I recommend for modern gamers, but those enjoying retro will be content. As I checking YouTube for original movie soundtrack I spot that fan game OST. I unpacked games files earlier so I can use music for my material about franchise which I plan to make. But there it is, Pyramid Head done that waaay back. He also does soundtracks for another two games, which isn't included on that site, at least yet. One thing makes me wonder - is He make names of tracks by himself, or source them somewhere? Also, what about order? At YouTube that seems to be random, wonder how it looks at Pyramid release. Sadly all I can find is dead links. Shame.
Also when I unpacked game archives I spot that one, full song named "Faded-remix". No idea what it is and I didn't think it I spot it at the game, it clearly doesn't belongs there. Shazam also can't find that. Maybe some hidden content? Interesting.
Firstly I think I'll contact him, but then I realise his last entry here has 16 years... Well, time goes by, and I wish all the best for him, good work!
And this is great, climatic soundtrack for a great, forgotten game. In fact game itself use music very sparingly and in clever ways. Just like good horror suppose to do. All that adds to the dark atmosphere of woods and small town forgotten by god. And for all those years I remembered that menu music, creepy and really scary, that itself creeps me out when I were young. Still kinda did. Also ambient from installation with children screaming were pretty scary, don't know if Kyle Richards made that (probably yes), but it fits that soundtrack well.
Also I'd like to thank for keeping Mirsoft page for so long, it is truly phenomenal, I'm glad that I find my way here!