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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 7.May, 2017.
Made in Slovakia.
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Cold blood: Game rip

Download game music in ZIP archive from World of Game Mods/Mids

Game info

Name: Cold blood
Publisher: Ubi Soft
Developers: Revolution Software, Revolution
Original/port composer: Darryl Sloan
PC Windows (2000) - Europe

Music info

Released: 2000
Related Plaform: Amiga
Format: Tracked music (MOD / XM / S3M / IT)
Composer of these tunes: Darryl Sloan
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Mirsoft
Music type: Game rip
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 1
Size of archive: 128 KBytes

User reviews

  • "Hell gates opening..!" (by Dr. Spa, 21 Jul 2004) [10/10]
    Talk about Tekno!!! This is just what I was looking for to show to my mate working at MadMouseGames... He asked for what seemed like HardTekno music With samples like great big Toms and stuff!! It reminds me of Hell and like it has gates and they open and you drift inside!!! Sort of like that 3D film they launched in 2003 in the UK where you had to where those glasses, What was it called??? Haunted house or something??? Anyway whatever the weather get it, keep it and if you really like it and wanna show support review it!!!

  • "My popcorn is bleeding!!" (by sds, 4 Oct 2004) [8/10]
    The beginning really roll the rocks, the end disapointed me a little, but anyway is a very good song to keep inside the HD with the other mods.

  • "DrSpa, only a fool would want to go to Hell!" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [6/10]
    Brother, the Lord Jesus Christ, the literal son of God himself was manifest in the flesh upon this earth, to die for the sins of mankind. That is the reason why each and every one of us has the potential to enjoy eternal happiness in God's Kingdom. Heaven or Hell is a choice every person must make at a certain point in their lives. Haven't you ever been curious about what happens after you die? I mean TRULY Curious? Are you REALLY willing to treat eternal damnation as just a "fun ride"? Or entertaining Concept? Are you willing to risk the possibility of literally suffering FOREVER? Here is what the Lord wants you to do: in a place where you have complete privacy, ask Him, with tears streaming down your cheeks, pounding upon your chest "God, if you're real, SHOW Me! Show me SOMETHING! SAY something. Make a noise... please do SOMETHING! Give me a Sign! If you do, I will serve you all the days of my life, as a reward to you, Heavenly Father, for this revelation, and for the realization that you are indeed REAL! And therefore

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Music download

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Record created/updated: 7. August 2002.
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