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Last updated: 26.August, 2018.
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Thursday, 5.September, 2002.

Well, long time haven't seen you. We've survived big flood in Prague, so hopefully no other disaster will follow Smiley Only small one - big update of Game music base, with around 1000 new music records, and with some small enhancements of the engine. Enjoy!

Monday, 19.August, 2002.

Cool, nice and BIG update of Game music base music records. Added almost 3000 Original Soundtrack records. Also engine was enhanced a bit too.

Friday, 9.August, 2002.

Hello again! Hopefully you're having good holiday, because I have too (in work, though :() ). There haven't been archive updates since the last news write, but on the other side, there was cool Game music base code update - finally I added around 2200 digital audio archive records, created some first tune lists, added more info features and great is also possibility to generate info.txt files to the tune records (compatible for example with KBMedia Player, so you can have all the tune infos while playing music! Smiley ). So, GMB is slightly going to be something usable.. Hopefully Smiley.

Tuesday, 16.July, 2002.

Yo! It's summer, there are plenty of storms here, and maybe it means that it's flashing for better times also for us. After a long time I have managed to run FTP server (thanx to Zajko for that :****), which is opened whole day, so you can download all the cool stuff again anytime! Smiley I also made small-but-cool update of World of Game Mods and Game music base is growing rapidly (maybe in few months there will be something usable from that ;-))) ). In other words, enjoy life and have fun in summer.

Thursday, 27.June, 2002.

Well, another long time passed and I have found a bit of time to make new section on my site. And what a section it is? The big searchable database of games and game tunes. It's called "Game music base" and now it's in first, testing launch. All neccessary you will find here and I hope you will enjoy it. Smiley Also some small reorganizations of the web have been made.

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