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Wednesday, 27.March, 2002.

I solved problem of showing info to archives in World of game mods and World of game mids for now. Now you can click to the link on the right of the archives and you can see the copy of the info.txt file. It's just a temporary solution, but doesn't look bad, isn't it?

Friday, 22.March, 2002.

Another BIG update of World of game MODs is here. This time I added around 100 new arranged tunes mostly from Commodore 64! Now there are 1194 games in the mod archives Smiley Do you know that here is undoubtely biggest game mods archive in the world? ;-] (and the mids archive with 1671 games feels similar, hehe).
And one more thing. Because that I still haven't solved the problem with generating archive infos, I temporary generated all game infos in one big textfile (look here for GameMods and here for GameMids). Hopefully this helps a bit knowing what is what Smiley

Wednesday, 20.March, 2002.

Updated World of game mods with new tunes to games Swiv, Tears and Zeewolf. Expect 100-games update of C64 mods soon! Smiley

Friday, 15.March, 2002.

So, my archive of World of game mods is complete now, more than 650MB of mods are available now!! Enjoy! Smiley World of game mids is complete longer time, so expect only small additions, when I get something new.

Thursday, 14.March, 2002.

To not have enough problems, I started to have problems with .sk domain name, which I solved so that I bought wholy new domain www.mirsoft.info. Hopefully you'll like it and it will be finish of all my domain troubles. Bad news is, that we have limit for 5GB/month on downloads for now. So download wisely Smiley

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