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Wacky Wheels: Game rip
"The OPL soundtrack sounds more balanced" (by crumby2, 13 Apr 2018) [8/10]
The midi version sounds powerfull but the instruments seems sometime unbalanced (at least on a Sound Canvas) and a bit dull at time.
The FM version (Adlib/soundblaster) seems more balanced and is regarded as a quality FM soundtrack.
The composer said he used AdLib Composer for the soundtrack.

Bomb Jack: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"We need more games with the word BOMB in the title!" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [7/10]
Seriously. I knew right off the bat this game must have been made in Japan, with a title like that. A company based in the west would shy away from using names like that, nowadays, for obvious reasons.

Blaster Master: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Most memorable song of all time" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [7/10]
You guys know what I'm talkin about. This is a favorite and respected classic among serious gamers and remixers.

Bionic Commando: Game rip
"Elicits a sincere emotional response in the listener" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [7/10]
I first played this game as a kid. I remember feeling so strongly in the "righteousness" of my cause, fighting against the forces of evil. Yeah I knew it was just a game, but man the suspension of disbelief is amplified by the profoundly emotion evoking soundtrack. Goosebump inducing.

Batman: Game rip
"disappointment" (by q, 27 Feb 2018) [1/10]
I listen to soundtrack of ANY Batman game. But not this crud. 0/10

ShadowWraith: Game rip
"YEEEEESSSS!!!" (by 630cd, 13 Jan 2018) [10/10]
This was one of the first games I ever played, i've been looking for this for close to ten years, but gave up at some point, thank you so much!!

If anyone else is having trouble with the format it's all on youtube as well:D

Turrican 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Pretty good but not as good as the original" (by carcm, 25 Dec 2017) [6/10]
These are definately not the original versions by Chris. There is a CD released that has the original music called Turrican Soundtrack Anthology: Original Sound Version, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 that has his original scores.

Magic Carpet: Game rip
"Magic Carpet in Soundfonts" (by Talec, 23 Oct 2017) [6/10]
This set sounds good with the soundfont Musyng Kite, and excellent with Aspirin 2015. Seriously, use Aspirin for this.

The GM/GS/MT32 "16.5mg v2.51" is playing some instruments abnormally quietly (or missing entirely?) for the "MUSIC0-x" line. Same for Airfont v3.40 (a340.sf2); Chaos Bank (definitely quiet rather than missing); and Patch93's remake of the SC-55.

Fluid R3 showed promise before abruptly busting out the ear-splitting tones... edit those down, and figure out what's up with the quiet background instruments and this makes for a solid choice.

Weeds GM4Updated doesn't work at all, which is weird.

No tracks are compatable with piano-only soundfonts.

Simon The Sorcerer: Game rip
"A nice game & nice Songs" (by Verbatim, 7 Aug 2017) [9/10]
At the moment i play Simon the Sourcerer and i found some Songs very nice

the ripped soundtrack its programmed for the MT32 and sounds wrong, i remapped the songs to GM, for you all

The Fallen Angels Daraku Tenshi / Psikyo
"How can I download it?" (by Yoloheart1, 3 Aug 2017) [10/10]
I can't download it. Is there a link to do it? I tried this in my mobile phone.

Beat The House: Game rip
"never played this game.." (by Verbatim, 31 Jul 2017) [8/10]
but nice jazzy & good arranged tunes, again and again you will find here nice treasures in this land of milk & honey here ;-)

Tubular Worlds: Game rip
"Only 2 Tracks?" (by President People, 14 May 2017) [10/10]
This file only has the Intro songs and the songs for Level 1 and the Level 1 Boss. There are several more levels after that, though. Was this ripped from a demo?

10/10 because these tracks still rule.


As it turns out, obtaining the missing tracks from the game files is quite easy! Navigating to the Data folder and appending .mod to the correct files will allow them to play in a handy module player/music tracker. I believe the full list of modules consists of:

Music 1.mod
Music 2.mod
Music 3.mod
Music 4.mod

Hope this helps any wandering souls wishing for the full soundtrack. :)

On a side note, I always thought it was cool that both the final boss and key configuration window had the same beat.

Blood Seed 2: Game rip
"If you read this can you upload the game somewhere." (by hunter1536, 27 Mar 2017) [10/10]
If you read this can you upload the game somewhere. The only place ive seen actual game files is here. Now for a music review its a great soundtack.

Extreme Assault: Game rip
"it a must for every dos midi soundtrack fan" (by Verbatim, 26 Mar 2017) [10/10]
i have never played this game, but the awesome orchestered soundtrack is outerstanding in my ears, no wonder if Huelsbeck is the composer ;)

BreakQuest: Game rip
"breakquest!" (by fmasroor, 24 Feb 2017) [10/10]
great music! Makes me feel nostalgic, and it's great even without the nostalgia too. Game is amazing tooo.

Super Mario RPG: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Its Awesome!" (by renato, 7 Dec 2016) [10/10]
Very Good. 10/10!
But IDK About This Website :P

One Must Fall 2097: Game rip
"AWESOME" (by ouranus, 20 Oct 2016) [10/10]
The intro give me chill!!! So long and is great to listen again!!!! I will make a remix for sure

Quake: Original soundtrack
"excellent for what it is (not for listening pleasure)" (by Daemit, 6 Sep 2016) [7/10]
Not really music in a traditional sense of the word, this dark, saturated, atmospheric sound landscape (soundscape?) should really be appreciated within the context of the game it was made for. Without the game it loses it's alchemy and becomes kinda pointless and even tiresome noise. This was one of the first fully ambient soundtracks, that paved the way for other game music of this kind (e.g. Fallout, Silent Hill series).

BreakQuest: Game rip
"Exceptional tunes!" (by Daemit, 6 Sep 2016) [9/10]
Wow! Am I glad I stumbled upon this. You see, I've never played the game or even heard about it before. Luckily, I noticed the name Jeroen Tel among the composers, when I was browsing the archive, and he is the legendary ancient master, so that got me interested.

There is so much awesomeness in these tunes. Beautiful melodic pieces, action pieces, it's all good. So much talent and soul here. Highly recommended even for people who never played the game.

Warcraft 2: Game rip
"Epic goodness" (by Daemit, 6 Sep 2016) [9/10]
This is a rare example of an orchestrated (sort of) score that feels unique and not bland. Every single composition is like a dramatic story. There is no filler here. I really love this work.

I recommend listening to the CD version of this soundtrack. Or, if you have to listen to it in a MIDI format, at least use a good soundfont, like Arachno soundfont or Roland Sound Canvas VA.

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