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Warcraft 2: Game rip
"Retro Excellence" (by TheoX, 10 Mar 2009) [10/10]
I always loved the music in this game. These bring back good memories of playing over Ethernet with my sister! Thanks for the upload, two thumbs up!

Duke Nukem 3D: Game rip
"Some of the Best" (by TheoX, 10 Mar 2009) [10/10]
I played this a long time ago and didn't remember that the music was this good! Robert Prince at his best! (and Lee Jackson, but I like the former better because of DOOM)

Marathon: Game rip
"Hmm!?" (by TheoX, 10 Mar 2009) [5/10]
Umm, not really sure what to think here. These are cool songs, but they are not from the Marathon I know - the Macintosh, the original. Upload those too!

Boom (Macintosh): Game rip
"Awesome (mostly)!" (by TheoX, 10 Mar 2009) [7/10]
It's fun to find old game music. I honestly didn't expect this one to be here. Fun tunes, but the sound quality is too choppy in some of them.

Warcow, don't download music from a game you don't know! There's no point in that, it's not special.

Streets of Rage: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Not quite what I wanted..." (by TheoX, 9 Mar 2009) [6/10]
These tracks were mostly remixes. They were pretty good remixes, but I'm a bit of a game-music-purist, and I want the tracks in their original form. :>

Dyna Blaster: Game rip
"Dyna Blaster Ending's theme" (by rtl, 9 Mar 2009) [10/10]
Club-Techno-Trance style!
Superb playing with pitch and effects!
Really great!

ShadowWraith: Game rip
"Finally!" (by TheoX, 9 Mar 2009) [10/10]
I have been searching for this soundtrack for ages upon ages. I've been carrying around my old Shadow Wraith CD, hoping to be able to use someone's mac and rip the mods with a resource editor. I've thoroughly scanned every single google page that has come up on a search for this music. This has literally been the hardest soundtrack EVER to locate. So my thanks go out to whoever runs this site, and whoever uploaded this soundtrack! I am forever in debt!

Duke Nukem 3D: Game rip
"thank thank thank YOU!" (by damage effect, 9 Mar 2009) [10/10]
thank you so much for adding these wonderful soundtracks. duke nukem's score has got to be some of the all time greatest soundtracks ever to hit the video game medium! thank you for this!

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"<3 epic" (by lolers, 7 Mar 2009) [10/10]
This is awsome game whit epic music :D too bad they cancelled third game =/

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"Thankyou so much :)" (by Lil Thing, 22 Feb 2009) [10/10]
Thankyou <3 it brings back so many memories :). I had brilliant dreams last night after listening to that music, it's so cool :). I woke up in such a good mood :). Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Lots :). I can't possibly explain how happy I am to have found this :] x

Final Fantasy 8: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Final fantasy music can't be beat" (by Stormtrooper595, 22 Feb 2009) [10/10]
Final fantasy music is just too good and i think a lot of these songs are great!

Final Fantasy 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"um..." (by Stormtrooper595, 22 Feb 2009) [5/10]
I thought a few were okay but it just didn't really seem that great for the most part.

Super Mario Bros: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Go Mario!" (by Stormtrooper595, 22 Feb 2009) [9/10]
I love the music on smb and I think most of the music for this pack is pretty good.

F-Zero: Game rip
"Pretty good" (by Stormtrooper595, 22 Feb 2009) [9/10]
It's pretty good I think. I have nothing else to say lol.

Final Fantasy 7: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"one word. Awsome!" (by Stormtrooper595, 22 Feb 2009) [10/10]
I may be going to over on the rating but i think this is the best arranged/remixed tunes of this game. I don't have the game but i just love the soundtrack, Especially the battle and boss battle songs. Nice one guys!

1943: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Hey its not too bad" (by Stormtrooper595, 22 Feb 2009) [8/10]
It's pretty good song. Too bad it's just that one song though. Well hey at least it's the best one in the whole game. Yes I've played this game and I think this is an improvement to the original.

Age Of Wonders: Game rip
"problems :<" (by Alvari, 22 Feb 2009) [10/10]
w00t, .IT file? how can I transmute it into a file so I can listen to it? I tried to do it with WinRAR, but didn't work. :<

Age Of Wonders: Game rip
"Hey Hey!" (by Alvari, 22 Feb 2009) [10/10]
Thank you very very much for the songs! I was looking for them last night everywhere and only found One song :S but now thanks to you I've got it all. Have a pleasant day or evening and have a enjoy yourself :D

Deus Ex: Game rip
"Woderfully atmospheric" (by Rheinmetall, 21 Feb 2009) [9/10]
This music draws you into the world of the game and fits perfectly the mood of each level. Just listening this brings back lots of memories. Most of the pieces work well out of the game. Near perfect example of how game music should be made.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"MY WISH CAME TRUE! <:-)" (by Bane, 30 Jan 2009) [10/10]

THANKS! 11/10

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