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Xixit: Game rip
"Contemplative chiptunes" (by honkstar82, 11 Aug 2013) [6/10]
The influence of Andrew Sega and Kenny Chou is very obvious, but these are not high-energy songs. This is light techno-rock, good for when you're trying to concentrate. These seven tunes are great mixed in a playlist with the soundtracks from other games like One Must Fall or Jazz Jackrabbit!

Vanguard Ace: Game rip
"A review in thanks to wonderful people who made this rip available" (by Fattie, 19 Jul 2013) [8/10]
I give this a 8/10 score - and not only because of nostalgia either. Solid techno beats here.

While I can't say I'll be listening to all of the tracks in this set 24/7, those that I'll be setting in my regular playlist IMHO more than warrant the high rating. (And contrary to the notes in the *.txt, the extended parts are very nice).

Personal favourite: -Yak- (aka Main Menu music). That one just sets the chills down the back.

Once again, big kudos to whomever granted us this. It is quite difficult to play and headbang at the same time after all :D

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Game rip
"Original Music still available in Jazz's website -- Legendary!" (by kanha, 29 Jun 2013) [10/10]

Unreal (Epic Megagames): Game rip
"You all done a great music.......ever...........Unreal" (by Thusitha Thanthirige, 10 Jun 2013) [10/10]
I am Thusitha Thanthirige, you had done a great melodious music

Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip
"Sounds from my childhood" (by R. Wilco, 8 Jun 2013) [10/10]
Thank you for putting it online for free! Been searching it for a long time:)

Radix: Beyond the Void: Game rip
"Nonstop adrenaline!" (by honkstar82, 8 May 2013) [9/10]
This entire archive is packed with aggressively paced songs that perfectly fit Radix's theme. It's chiptune industrial metal, with an attitude that would make DooM stand up and salute. At 14 songs, it's a great pack for when you need a little adrenaline in your everyday life.

Unfortunately, these songs are not labeled any more specifically than "RADIX #" and the like. Having each song matched with its level or general theme would be a great addition, but by no means does this mean you should take a pass on this great pack of in your face metal!

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark: Game rip
"Excellent soundtrack rip!" (by Xenmen, 7 May 2013) [10/10]
It's a straight mod rip, and something I've been looking for. The soundtrack is one of the most haunting from any game I've played, and really made this iconic Amiga adventure game what it is. This rip fits my need PERFECTLY; many thanks!

Atari Karts: Game rip
"A Fantasic Soundtrack" (by Joseph Collins, 7 Apr 2013) [8/10]
I actually found out about this game through a comedic review series called Taco-Man Plays a Video Game. (Rest-in-peace, Bently Bear.) The instant I heard the music, I knew it was done in Amiga's ProTracker. Little did I know that the game soundtrack had actually been ripped and put up here at Mirsoft's World of Game Music!

This soundtrack is, as you probably guessed from my article title, fantastic. It's relatively simple, but infinitely catchy. There's quite a few files missing, if the Amiga Music Preservation site is any indication, but the rest of the music seems to be here. And it's very much worth a listen.

Theme Hospital: Game rip
"Plenty of medicine" (by honkstar82, 12 Mar 2013) [7/10]
A great little compilation of tunes from a crazy game! These are good easy-listening music, and when you hear them on an updated soundfont you can really appreciate all the work that was put into them. The songs themselves are light jazz with a bit of chiptune techno and big band thrown in, very much like the waiting music in hospitals. Hearing a pack like this makes me wish Syndicate Wars had this big of a soundtrack!

UFO: Enemy Unknown: Game rip
"Good, but not Flying Armor" (by honkstar82, 12 Mar 2013) [4/10]
The sound quality in these tunes is not great. Although all the tracks from the game are here, the bass feels overdriven and most of the other sounds are kinda washed out. This archive lacks the punch of the original game, even when listened to on a modern soundfont. Still, this will definitely bring back some memories, and perhaps even a cold sweat or two!

Tube, The: Game rip
"A fast ride" (by honkstar82, 27 Feb 2013) [5/10]
Good, unassuming techno with a solid beat. Nothing too remarkable at all, and one would expect a lot more from a track released in '95, but there's not too much to criticize. This fits great with any techno playlist and is easy on the ears, but it doesn't have that reach out and grab you visceral power of music from other Bullfrog games. Theme Hospital and Syndicate Wars obviously spring to mind. Still, judged on its own merits, this is a solid little track that pretty much defines "average".

PowerMonger: Game rip
"A mongrel of a track" (by honkstar82, 23 Feb 2013) [4/10]
This sounds like a melding of several tracks from the game into one file. The beginning part is an intro, the middle an in-game tune, and the end a decent victory or credit music. Pretty good, but nothing exceptional. It's from 1990, though, so one can't be too harsh on it. Has a very medieval feel, uses lots of trumpets and low bass to give as much of an "epic" feel as speakers back then could crank out.

Tyrian: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"just one ?" (by blarg, 5 Jan 2013) [1/10]
tyrian has more music then this!

Age Of Empires 2: The Conquerors: Game rip
"Thanks for uploading this" (by Rudolf, 23 Dec 2012) [10/10]
First off thanks for uploading this.

I noticed my game didn't have any music files at all, I checked every corner of the folders installed.

However, I still have a problem, I can't figure out what to do with the files. I read on some forum they were supposed to be in a midi folder, and then you had this extension to the .exe file to get it to work.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

If someone does figure it out, please post it here, and PM me.

Thanks :)

P.S. You can still, however, listen to the music by simply using Windows Media Player whilst running the game ;)

Take no Prisoners: Game rip
"not bad, but not good enough" (by Controller, 23 Dec 2012) [7/10]
1) 19 of 20 tracks only
2) No usefull filenames (watto extractor extracts with proper filenames)
3) No compatible midi. Actually same as the extracted mds files, but only playing in Winamp if changing extension to .rmi. Kind of riff / MIDSfmt format.

Syndicate: Game rip
"Minigun Selected." (by honkstar82, 15 Dec 2012) [4/10]
That Introduction. The music really sticks in the mind after you've seen a guy get run over, abducted, and then converted into a cybernetic soldier. The game music is very fitting of a tactics game, but one could wish for a little more techno-energy when listening to it on its own. This little pack only has two songs. I recommend smacking it together with it's sequel, Syndicate Wars, in your playlists. Both have cyberpunk grimdark feel to them, and compliment each other well.

Gearheads: Game rip
"Grind your gears!" (by honkstar82, 15 Dec 2012) [4/10]
This is a great soundtrack for madcap mayhem, but it gets a little repetitive after a while. Most of the songs have a similar background, an active drumline that reminds you of a ticking clock or gearworks, but they all have their own unique twists on the formula. It's a cool little pack for the game, but it doesn't have a whole lot of independent listening value. Give it a go on a good soundfont and see what you get, it's MIDI after all.

Apano Sin: Game rip
"Sinless, but not Splendid" (by honkstar82, 15 Dec 2012) [5/10]
Apano Sin's soundtrack is brief, unassuming, but still good. The game seems to have more tracks than are listed here, but very little information remains about it either. As this archive stands, it has a nice little jolt of background space-techno that would serve well as spacers for a larger playlist. These are not exceptional, nor are they wretched, they merely are.

If the archive was larger, it could be called a good "safe listen". As it stands, these are average.

Iron Seed: Game rip
"Echoes of Iron" (by honkstar82, 15 Dec 2012) [7/10]
Iron Seed has a great tracklist of techno/space rock tunes that really get your brain thinking of the stars. There are several standout tunes, Intro 1, 2 and the Colonization music are really good. What caught my eye is that these tracks are by Andrew Sega, AKA Necros. He composed a major chunk of the soundtrack for Crusader: No Remorse, and the ear-etching song from the first level of that awesome game "Dimension 2021" is actually in this game as well!

These tunes are not as well developed as Crusader's soundtrack, clearly showing Necros at a developmental stage of his music, but are still great space-techno chiptunes that ring in the ears. Give 'em a shot and you won't be disappointed.

Terminator: SkyNet: Game rip
"great varios terminator & epic themes in this Soundtrack" (by Verbatim, 21 Nov 2012) [9/10]
One of the last great midi sequenced arrangements of the DOS time

Great sequencing and composing Work by Andy Warr :)

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