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Galactic Empire: Game rip
"Galactic Empire: Game rip" (by Tomy, 25 Feb 2015) [10/10]
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Gradius: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Gradius: Arranged/Remixed tunes" (by Tomy, 25 Feb 2015) [10/10]


Simon The Sorcerer: Game rip
"ZIP file has issues" (by Rarfl, 8 Nov 2014) [7/10]
I've always liked the music from this game. Elegant and atmospheric, not to mention memorable. It's been a while since I've heard the entire score, ditto for actually playing the game, but I can still say this is good stuff. But that's not what I'm here for.

When I got the ZIP file, three tracks would not play at all. Specifically, these from the MT32 folder:
The same problem afflicts the GM versions too.
And this isn't an issue of my computer; I've downloaded this file on another computer and I got the exact same results. Interestingly, the same problem afflicts an alternative rip of the GM versions found in another review of this game. Please fix this so I can enjoy this soundtrack completely.
P.S. At first, MOD35, when played, just acts like the file has nothing and immediately finishes playing it. Just a note.

DemonStar: Game rip
"!!!AWSOME!!!" (by TM, 18 Jul 2014) [10/10]
Let me tell you something. This is my kinda music.
My rating is 10. Try to upload music that is similar to this one.

Vinyl Goddess From Mars: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Rocking Soundtrack" (by kikokiuty, 24 May 2014) [10/10]
A huuuuuge thank you to whoever made this! There's some truly kick butt tunes from this game. Prowler, Tafa and Puzzle 6. 10/10 for these tracks alone!

1943: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Sounds ok" (by fer79, 3 May 2014) [8/10]
Nice work...
I always wonder how do you people make it to find the right notes???
The arcade version has a very interesting rythm along the main tune, which this version is lacking, but I guess this one was based on the NES version....
Anyway, too bad I couldn't find the music from level 3 of arcade version, I think that was the best tune in the game, even if all tunes of that game are good...

Vanishing point: Original soundtrack
"vanshing point" (by bbbaaashgh, 15 Feb 2014) [6/10]
thank you for this hard work

Test Drive 2: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"Pure Bliss" (by DJ Sylv3on, 22 Jan 2014) [10/10]
My god this has to be the best version of the music from Test Drive 2 I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.

I have listened to 3 different versions of this the amiga version being the 3rd and now this is my all time favorite version to listen to

The bells and the trippy chorus lines make this a must listen to.

Great Work

Jazz Jackrabbit: Game rip
"Planet Carrotus" (by Warcow, 19 Jan 2014) [8/10]
First played this one when it was only the demo version out there and it was way cool back in the day. The music is also great with much variety and ideas, not too many hitsongs though to get a top rating. My favourite track is definitely Medivo.

Katakis: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"R-type" (by Warcow, 19 Jan 2014) [5/10]
Two songs here that are pretty descent for an old Amiga game. They're both a bit slow in the beginning of the songs, I prefer the Denaris remix track here.

Duke Nukem 3D: Game rip
"Duke Nukem 3D" (by Limp_Lenny, 14 Jan 2014) [9/10]
Hey! Thank you very much for uploading DK's music. Most tracks sound just like I heard them when playing the game, which is rarely the case with old games in which the music would play differently from one computer to another.

RuneScape: Game rip
"Amazed to find this!!" (by Polliechrome, 16 Dec 2013) [10/10]
I am so thankful to have found the original Runscape midis. What a blast from the past! I loved this music when my son and I played RS. What good times, nostalgic is right.

Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession: Game rip
"I love this music! But not the endings..." (by Polliechrome, 16 Dec 2013) [9/10]
Amazing variety, depth and mystery to this music. However I agree with Silas the jarring battle themes tacked to the end of such lovely music is unfortunate. I am looking for a music editor program now too.

Anvil of Dawn, The: Game rip
"This is lovely, densely scored music!" (by Polliechrome, 16 Dec 2013) [10/10]
This is the kind of music I have been looking for. Interwoven and lush, magical and memorable. My favorite so far.

Teenagent: Game rip
"hello from Poland" (by Markar, 1 Dec 2013) [10/10]
Damn good game. Played it many times. Music is also very good.

Legend of Heroes MIDI Collection: Arranged/Remixed tunes
"A pack of epicness!" (by delight, 18 Nov 2013) [10/10]
I am amazed how much effort falcom has put through in order to make these midis. I have been a fan of falcom's music for quite a while, and I have been looking for the midi collection for ages, and I FINALLY found them all here! Bravo, Mirsoft!

Duke Nukem 3D: Nuclear Winter: Game rip
"Lively arrangements" (by j7n, 5 Oct 2013) [7/10]
This game was nothing special. I remember it was mostly Duke levels played backwards with silly monsters.

But three music tracks "Frosty the Snowman", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Sleigh Ride" rise above the graphical design in quality. The music is by the same person. I can hear instruments almost having a dialogue with one another in this music, and it's all different without many copied bars.

Duke Nukem 3D: The Gate: Game rip
"Unique music for each level" (by j7n, 30 Sep 2013) [9/10]
The Gate is a free modification to Duke Nukem 3D. Subjectively I find that the quality of the music is much higher than one could expect from a free game.

Like the original, every level in this game, which is a unique location on Earth or another planet, has a music track associated with it. Each composition has a different tempo and mood, and describes the area well. The player is taken back to a vast "Himalayan Hell", and a rough "Martian Red Light District" just by listening.

"Yukon Duke" reminds me of a character from "MacGyver" who, accompanied by the mean distorted guitars, enters a big city for the first time.

Compositions by Simon Castles use MIDI bank number 16256 for the drum channel, which sets a channel to drum mode in the XG standard. A few tracks also contain XG reset sysx. From this information, with good certainty, I can conclude that an XG synth must be used for authentic playback. In "Himalayan Hell" the unique Tabla instrument also sounds organic with MU50 samples. Please confirm in another review if this is true.

Battle Isle 2: Game rip
"Note for the correct pitch" (by Verbatim, 26 Sep 2013) [8/10]
the Jogrwai.mid contains the midi controller RPN Pitch Bend Sensetivity Value:1536, in the other tracks this important controller is missing, especially for the overdrive and disortion parts

if wanted I can offer a correction of the actual collection

i never played this game, but i love some tracks of this Midi OST, early i heard it over xmiplay via FM synth.


Xixit: Game rip
"Contemplative chiptunes" (by honkstar82, 11 Aug 2013) [6/10]
The influence of Andrew Sega and Kenny Chou is very obvious, but these are not high-energy songs. This is light techno-rock, good for when you're trying to concentrate. These seven tunes are great mixed in a playlist with the soundtracks from other games like One Must Fall or Jazz Jackrabbit!

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