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A mix of good and bad

(Review for Mega Man: Arranged/Remixed tunes by Dr. Spa)

blazeman - Classical rubbish, after some time it gets better :)

iceman stage - Good but, god the saw wave is so loud

megaman from frostbite - it starts off like march-music, really creative with the strings

cutman - it shows you how nes-music can be so great. Qum is just excellent at remixing

Elecman - LOUD! - And all of the Square-waves are like LOUDER!

elecman - That's better... Really nice remix by Qum, but defently not as good as cutman :)

megaman vs elecman - Come on zalza, you can do better than that!

MM1 - Bombman - Great Song. Samples: nothing but triangle, square and SHHHHHH!

And of Corse Casey McCann ones!!!

Fireman - Well, This is the best!!! Nearly all of the Megaman 1 melodies arent that good (except for cutman) but this, this is excellent! The start is better than the beggining though... What! 33 seconds!!! Gimme a break!

Iceman - As like the one by Nitro everything is perfect except for that ear-peircing saw-tooth/wave thing. CHANGE IT!!!

Boss Selecter - Used in alot of Mega Man sequels but I just thought that I should dump it in Megaman 1 seeing as though it is the most well known sequel of Megaman... Btw.. The music, Well... First of all a little twiddle of the volume is reccamended then it should be ok, but when it comes to playing it, it doest sound that good - 99% Capcom/Bun Bun's fault for such a dumb melody. The only good part is the last 2 seconds!!! This is because it was a tinsy little ending added by Casey which wasn't actually used in Mega Man... Plus it is only 12 puny seconds!!! Honestly! Capcomm!

Well, Let's just say Cutman, by Qum is THE BEST!