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Hired Guns Music reviewed by a game player

(Review for Hired Guns: Game rip by honorabili)

The soundtrack for the original 1st person shooter can be described as tense.

Most of the songs are ambient and/or techno. Some of them can even be categorized as hardcore.

Individual Tune Reviews:

One of the most laid back in the soundtrack, mixing ambient and tribal into one for a very synergic effect.

Starts out something like a spacy song and evolves to something like a Blade Runner song with aggresive bass.

This funky song is perfect for introducing all the game's characters and their M.O.'s in a soothing interface.

Short song that gives the illusion that a peaceful stage will be up next, but all those who played this game know otherwise.

Another short tune that has the right atmosphere in the introduction of infiltration into areas that have a very large open area.

When you hear this song, you will know that you better be ready when that level starts, for this military tribal march will make you jumpy.

This song sounds perfect for a laboratory where everything has gone completely wrong. It sounds like some of Prodigy's early works.

This house song is perfect for getting your heart pumping for the usual impossible level that follows the playback of this tune.

Techno/rock ballad that evolves, unlike your characters which have just died. Hah, I hardly ever heard this song in the game when I played because I always restarted the level as soon as one character died.

This techno/trance song is great enough to be a club hit even nowadays.


Overall, this sound track would have gotten a higher score if some of its song where a LOT longer. Either way, I love them for the most part.

- honorabili