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Mega Man 8 - Frostman MIDIs

(Review for Mega Man 8: Arranged/Remixed tunes by voltcatfish)

Hello again. It's voltcatfish, and this time I am giving my review on the midis available here of the most excellent Frostman tune. They will be short, sweet, and file by file. Here we go:

mm8-frostman: This one is pretty good, but has one major flaw: When the main melody plays, on what I believe is the trumpet, flute, and new age effects tracks, there is an annoying "chop" between each measure. It, if you listen to the way it sounds in the game, flows nice and smoothly, with no stops between measures (for lack of a better term - those who download and listen to the track will know exactly what I'm talking about and should be able to immediately pick up on it.) Outside of that, the track is very solid, and the tempo (except as aforementioned) is correct. Just fix that "chop" problem, and it's an A rating! As it stands now, my rating will be a little lower:
voltcatfish's rating: B

Frostman: This one is just plain AWESOME!! It sounds so much like the game track, it's a little creepy! It doesn't have the chop in the track like its brother version described above, so it flows very nicely. Whoever did this one, you have my praises and everlasting gratitude (For whatever that's worth), because on this MIDI you did a top-notch job!!
voltcatfish's rating: A+ (What else?)

Well, believe it or not, that's it - there are only 2 files of Frostman tunes in this folder, but they're both good (Frostman is better than mm8-frostman, but both are keepers), so my overall rating is below:
voltcatfish's overall rating: I give it a Low A (I'd like to give it a 9.5, but they don't offer that option here, but it is a 9.5 nonethless.)

I hope that helps. All of these reviews are my own opinion of the tracks, and you may differ in your opinion, but I am just giving an honest review, so enjoy! - voltcatfish