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Mega Man 3 - Magnet Man midis

(Review for Mega Man 3: Arranged/Remixed tunes by voltcatfish)

Hi. It's voltcatfish again. I am now going to write a review of the Mega Man 3 Magnetman Midis in the Zip archive, file by file. I've always loved the Magnetman theme, and it's an honor to do this. Don't worry, the review on each file will be short, sweet, and to the point. So, here we go!

Mega_Man_3_-_Magnet_Man: Simply divine. Very cool, all the right notes in the right places, with the right tempo, and the drums are done correctly.
voltcatfish's rating: A+

MM3Magnet_Man: Decent. Not the absolute best version I've ever heard, but very solid and nicely done.
voltcatfish's rating: B+

mm3-Magnet-Man: Classic-sounding mix, almost identical to the one in the game. True to form, no fancy stuff added, just a simple piano melody and an additional piano harmony track with bass and drums. Whoever made this one took their time and did it right - no haphazard mixing here. The length of the song is justlong enough without being overwhelming, and it sounds just right! Sometimes less really is more.
voltcatfish's rating: A+

mm3magnt: It sounds OK, but it missing some notes in some places, a bit funky-sounding, as the countermelody sounds a bit screwy in some parts, so it's not the best one in the package, but the melody is solid and it has potential. It does, however, need some tweaking.
voltcatfish's rating: B

mm_3magnt: Now this one is better, sounds just like mm3-Magnet-Man, classic, piano-based, solid, and good! The countermelody piano is a bit louder than on the other one mentioned above, which makes it sound even better. All in all, no complaints here!
voltcatfish's rating: A+

MM3Magnet_Man: It's OK, but the choice of Distortion Guitar for the track wasn't the best choice. It took me a while to to find the problem, but the Distortion Gutar is it. I tried an Overdriven guitar instead of the Distortion Guitar in my Midi2WAV recorder program as a substitute, and it sounds much better. Except for that, the track is great. Solid tempo, nothing offbeat, proper drum sequence, just change the guitar and you're fine!
voltcatfish's rating: B+

Magnetman: Not too shabby. Nice hyperactive mix, but the choice of instruments (namely the contrabass and the synth bass 2) weren't the best choices - try overdriven guitar and synth bass 1 - now that sounds cool! Outside of that, all is great, with the proper tempo, right notes, and the vibraphone is a nice touch! With the changes, it's an A+, but my rating without my changes is below.
voltcatfish's rating: B

Magomega: What kind of title is that? I had to play it just to make sure it was a Magnetman MIDI. The good news is that the title is pretty much the only thing wrong with this one. It's a simple, yet extremely tight, trumpet and clarinet mix, which go very well together. Nice mix, and the fade instead of the abrupt end is a really nice change of pace!!
voltcatfish's A+

DG_MM3_Magnetman: I've truly saved the best one for last (Mainly because I forgot the name of it). This one blew me away. This is by far one of the best ones in the bunch (if not the best), aside from those already mentioned. It's a little different - the writer took some liberty with the track, and it's clearly their own interpretation of the song, but what a great version of the classic song!! Tight meoldy, great mix of instruments (Vibraphone, Acoustic Grand Piano, Brass Section, Orchestral Harp, String Ensemble 1, Synth Voice, Lead 2 (Sawtooth), Synth Bass 1, Standard Midi Drums (of course), and Pad 2 (warm) - this guy went all out!! I have one and only one complaint - it's too short! Another time all the way through would have been great, but just plain WOW otherwise!! You can guess what my rating for this one is:
voltcatfish's rating: A++

voltcatfish's overall rating of all the Magnetman tracks in this zip file: A (It would be an A+, except for those 2 B-rated tracks - the B+ rated ones are close enough to an A rating that they wouldn't take away from the overall rating).

I hope that helps. All of these reviews are my own opinion of the tracks, and you may differ in your opinion, but I am just giving an honest review, so enjoy! - voltcatfish