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Review Spark Man stage music

(Review for Mega Man 3: Arranged/Remixed tunes by voltcatfish)

Hi. Its voltcatfish again. I am writing a review for the Sparkman stage music this time around.

Heres the review, file by file:

1. Sparkman27kb: Fantastic! Correct tempo, right notes, no distortions, a lot of fun!
This is one of the best ones in here!! I cant say enough good things about it.
voltcatfishs rating: A+

2. Sparkman_Advanced: Another clear winner. It is slightly different, yet it is still awesome. The use of the xylophone as the countermelody instrument was a nice touch! I like itI like it a lot. It is truly advanced and worth the download!
voltcatfish's rating: A+

3. Sparkman Good midi, but the crystal shimmer in the background in the beginning of each go-round sounds distorted and its too loud, and the Dooh is missing, but other than that, its very cool. The drums are just like in the game, and the notes are correct and the tempo is, too. This ones a keeper.
voltcatfish's rating: B+

4. Sparkman6969 I like the tempo, but the lead instrument (I think its a shanai), has got to be changed! Except for the lead instruments melody, the midi is solid and sounds great!
voltcatfish's rating: B+

5. sparkman-1 Yeah, baby!! This is another of the crème de la crème in this folder. This midi includes the Dooh! sound that so many forget to include. Solid midi! I love it!!
voltcatfish's rating: A+

6. sparkman(2) This midi is OK, but not great. Its low-key and subdued, just enough to get the job done. Decent but not dynamic like Im used to.
voltcatfish's rating: B

7. sparkmm3 it sounds good at first, but then all the instruments sound like one flat piece. There are no drums, no Dooh, and many other annoying discrepancies taint the potential of this midi. The job done on this midi needs more work.
voltcatfish's rating: D

8. xgmm3sm This ones decent. It is very dark and ominous-sounding, different but cool. The title doesnt tell you that its Spark Mans theme at all, though, but this midis cool nonetheless, except for the annoying cut-off ending that I hate, but all in all, a keeper!
voltcatfish's rating: B+

9. mm3spar2 I like this midi. It is obvious that the drums are the showcased instrument here, and its a bit subdued in the feel of the song, but it is cool, and the Dooh! is included, the tempo is correct, and the notes are accurate and clean. I call it a winner.
voltcatfish's rating: A

10. MM3SPARK Decent midi, if oversimplified. It is a piano-based lead melody, and the drums are just enough to keep the song going, but some beats are missing in key spots (I play the drums, so I notice these things). All in all, this midi is OK, but it's not my favorite.
voltcatfish's rating: B

11.sprkmn(c-mix) This midis got potential, but it has many inaccuracies that make it annoying to listen to. First, the melody in the beginning part has incorrect notes, and it sounds choppy and unorganized in some spots. The cut-off at the end is abrupt and annoying as well - you don't even get all of the last note! All in all, as midis go, its got potential, but it needs a lot of work.
voltcatfish's rating: C

I hope that helps. All of these reviews are my own opinion of the tracks, and you may differ in your opinion, but I am just giving an honest review, so enjoy! - voltcatfish

voltcatfish's overall rating: B