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Online Since 1999.
Last updated: 14.July, 2019.
Made in Slovakia.
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Parasite Eve 2: Original soundtrack

Game info

Name: Parasite Eve 2
Alternate name: Parasite Eve II (correct box title)
Characteristics: Action, Adventure, 3rd-Person Perspective, Horror, Puzzle-Solving, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publishers: Square, Squaresoft, Square EA
Developers: Square, Squaresoft
Original/port composer: Naoshi Mizuta (PS1)
PlayStation (16 Dec 1999) - Japan
PlayStation (25 Aug 2000) - Europe
PlayStation (12 Sep 2000) - United States

Music info

Released: 18 Dec 1999
Related Plaform: PlayStation
Format: Digital audio (WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3)
Composer of these tunes: Naoshi Mizuta
Info Source: synSONIQ Records
Music type: Original soundtrack
Num of tunes: 66
Num of CDs: 2
Catalogue Nr.: SSCX-10038

User reviews

  • "Scare Inside" (by Darth Nefelim, 7 Oct 2004) [3/10]
    Is it hard to become a composer? The correct answer depends on what're you going to compose. If you just want to make a totally atmospherical sound line then only software knowlege and diligence will be required. In any other case you will need something more. Except of making a terrifying sound chaos for a horror game.
    As an active composer I've no right to rate to judge the work of another music maker. We don't even know his task at the start of composing. But I've a right to eject the CD and junk it out. I do this with pleasure. (A few tracks have been ripped, of course :)

  • Add your review


Disc 1:
01. Forbidden Power (Theme For Aya)
02. Mist
03. Aya Again
04. Don't Move!
05. Nightmare In The Battlefield
06. Deadly Calm
07. The First Encounter
09. Tower Rendezvous
10. Metamorphosis
11. Watch Out!
12. Ambush!
13. What The Hell Happened?
14. Do Something!
15. Weird Man
16. Return To The Base
17. Ghost Town
18. Hunt In Dryfield
18. Don't Shoot!
19. Douglas' Blues
20. Water Tower
21. Hiding Place
22. Dryfield
23. The Bottom Of The Well
24. Stealth Assault
25. Heaven Sent Killer
26. The Depth Of Aya's Memory
27. From Dusk Till Dawn
28. Vagrants
29. Dark Field
30. Gigantic Burner
31. Douglas' Grief

Disc 2:
01. Voice Of Mitochondria
02. Pick Up The Gauntlet
03. Abandoned Mine
04. Into The Shelter
05. Wipe Out The Creatures
06. Hold Your Breath
07. Crawling Waste Emperor
08. Chase
09. A Sigh Of Relief
10. Passing Through The Sewer, You'll Find
11. Battle On The Waterside
12. Inner Part Of The Shelter
13. Innermost Of The Shelter
14. Negative Heritage
15. Man Made Nature
16. Ark
17. Fool's Paradise
18. Mitochondria Reactor
19. Mental Deranger
20. Stalker
21. Cruelty Of Eve's Fate
22. Killing Field
23. Golem Soldiers
24. Prestige Of The Nation
25. Intrusion
26. Brace Yourself
27. Brahman
28. Distorted Evolution
29. Logic Of Superpower
30. Aya's Diary
31. Epilogue
32. Gentle Rays
33. Weird Man (Delete-Core Mix)
34. Hiding Place (Comfortable Mix)
35. Omake

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Record created/updated: 23. September 2004.
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