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System Shock: Game rip

Download game music in ZIP archive from World of Game Mods/Mids

Game info

Name: System Shock
Characteristics: Action, Adventure, 1st-Person Perspective, Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Puzzle-Solving, Shooter
Publishers: Electronic Arts, Origin
Developers: Looking Glass, Looking Glass Studios, Looking Glass Technologies
Original/port composers: Greg LoPiccolo (Dos), Tim Ries (Dos)
PC Windows
PC Dos (1994)

Music info

Released: 1994
Related Plaform: PC Dos
Format: Sequenced music (MID)
Composers of these tunes: Greg LoPiccolo, Tim Ries, Chicajo
Source / Archiver / Ripper: Mirsoft, Gerwin, Chicajo
Music type: Game rip
Archived process: Archived completely
Num of tunes: 18
Size of archive: 133 KBytes

User reviews

  • "rippy soundtrack" (by marky, 27 Nov 2002) [8/10]
    Nice rip.. just needs a few fixes the maintance one doesn't work!!

  • "System ROCK!" (by Schwang, 15 Mar 2006) [8/10]
    The musicians at Origin seem to have the knack for theming their music to the game. Good tunes in here, some with a sweet rock flavour.
    Be sure to crank up the Intro and the Cyberspace tunes. The Endremix wraps up the End tune with the Intro and Cyberspace riffs.

    Oh, and the Elevator tune is a laugh!

  • "My sweet lord" (by ivionday, 10 Nov 2007) [10/10]
    WOW The intro music is so hot I nearly vomited when I heard it for the first time. If you have never heard System Shock, download this zip and cover your oriface because it will make you lose control of your body fluids.

  • Add your review

Facts / description

February 12, 1998

This archive contains all of the level and title music from the
LookingGlass / Origin game, System Shock. Thanks to Markus Hein for XMI2MID

All MIDIs have been mixed down to level out discrepancies and smooth out the
overall performance of each piece. Specific edits are noted below.

Below is a description of each.

intro A midi version of the title music that plays during the opening
sequence. Basic volume leveling and bass / percussion

title Loop that plays during game options after the opening sequence.

elevator The infamous elevator music. Added a second bass channel
and panned the 2 of them at opposite ends.

cyberspace These little bits and pieces played at various points
throughout the cyberspace sequences. So I mixed them
together into one piece. Holy Cow! Whoever programmed the
percussion channel did one helluva frickin' fantastic job!
That track rocks! I did do some individual sequence
cut-and-pastes and brought the volume way up on the snares
but it was all in the game.

dead This little piece plays when the hacker dies. Added reverb.

end Played during the ending sequence of the game. Added a sawtooth
bass line and enhanced the hand-clap patterns.

endremix Had a little fun and remixed enda.mid. Split the entire
pan flute track into left and right. Changed the bass line
and just about doubled the overall length of the song with
cut-and-pastes and other effects.

maintenance Played all through level 3 (Maintenance) and sometimes on
level 5 (Flight Deck). Not much but a couple of bars of
weird repetative sounds.

Medical Played all through level 1 (Healing Suites). Makes you feel
like it's your first time. Added chorus to the overdrive.

executive This one's from level 6 and had 2 seperate songs. The
tempos matched perfectly so I mixed them together. Added
extra bass and clean guitar channels.

research This one played on levels 2 (Science and Research) and
6 (Executive and Living Quarters) for a short time. Added
a clean guitar track along with some percussion enhancements
and volume leveling.

eng,energy,flight This one's on levels R (Energy Systems), 5 (Flight Deck), and
7 (Engineering). Took the distortion and added modulation
and did some playing with the sawtooth arrangement.

flight,groves This is all of that weird stuff from all of the bays
on the flight deck and the groves on level 6. Rather creepy.

Beta Grove Again, just percussion enhancements and an extra bass channel.

security,bridge Played on levels 8 (Security) and 9 (Bridge). I had to add
another bass channel to this one, too.

GB 5-2002
found two extra midis in the zip, added 'xtra' to their filename
wonder what music played on level 4: storage
don't miss it: system shock 1 homepage http://www.ttlg.com/ss1

Crank the volume and bass and enjoy!

Joey "Chicajo" D

Music download

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Record created/updated: 15. November 2002.
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