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Emperor: Battle For Dune: Game rip

Game info

Name: Emperor: Battle For Dune
Alternate name: Imperator: Bitka za Dinu (croatian title), Emperor: Schlacht um Dune (German title), Empereur : La bataille pour Dune (French title), Dune 3 (Informal name), Emporer (common misspelling)
Characteristics: Strategy, Isometric, 3-d, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, War Game, Real-Time
Publishers: Electronic Arts, EA
Developers: Westwood Studios, Westwood, Intelligent Games
Original/port composers: Frank Klepacki (Win), David Arkenstone (Win), Jarrid Mendelson (Win)
Platform: PC Windows (17 Jun 2001) - Europe

Music info

Released: 17 Jun 2001
Related Plaform: PC Windows
Format: Digital audio (WAV / Redbook Audio / MP3)
Composers of these tunes: Frank Klepacki, David Arkenstone, Jarrid Mendelson
Info Source: Warcow
Music type: Game rip
Num of tunes: 45
Num of CDs: 1

User reviews


1. (AT01)The_War_Begins
2. (AT02)Sand_Excursion
3. (AT03)Assembling_the_Troops
4. (AT04)The_Spice_Must_Flow
5. (AT05)The_Overseer
6. (AT06)Battle_of_the_Atreides
7. (AT07)Ride_the_Worm
8. (AT08)Infiltrating_HK
9. (AT09)Unsuspected_Attack
10. (AT10)Fremen_Alliance
11. (AT11)Assassination_Attempt
12. (AT12)Fight_in_the_Dunes
13. AT_Map1
14. AT_Menu1
15. AT_Score1a
16. (OR01)Not_an_Option
17. (OR02)The_Strategist
18. (OR03)House_Ordos
19. (OR04)Ghola
20. (OR05)Executronic
21. (OR06)Deception
22. (OR07)Sabotage
23. (OR08)Dream_of_the_Executrix
24. (OR09)A_Plan_of_Attack
25. (OR10)Ordos_Control
26. (OR11)The_Specimen
27. (OR12)Infiltrators
28. OR_Map1
29. OR_Menu1
30. OR_Score1
31. (HK01)The_Machine
32. (HK02)Surrounded
33. (HK03)Tribute_to_Evil
34. (HK04)Harkonnen_Force
35. (HK05)Legacy
36. (HK06)Unstoppable
37. (HK07)Dark_Alliance
38. (HK08)War_for_the_Spice
39. (HK09)Defenders_of_Arrakis
40. (HK10)House_Harkonnen
41. (HK11)Invincible
42. (HK12)Victory_is_Inevitable
43. HK_Map1
44. HK_Menu1
45. HK_Score1

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Record created/updated: 17. October 2004.
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