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Bared information

Nick: Bared

Bared's reviews:

    Alien Carnage: Game rip
    "....." (by Bared, 6 Jan 2006) [3/10]
    The complete soundtrack (for this game) in MOD format, can be found at: http://www.newwavemugen.com/~aokmaniac13/music.html

    The Alien Carnage music is complete there (Yes, all 4 episodes).

    Heh, i still have the cd of this game from when it came out , and it still works ;p

    Zelda 3: Arranged/Remixed tunes
    "....." (by Bared, 6 Jan 2006) [7/10]
    When i opened some of these music tracks, some had less channels than normal?

    It's a good job anyways.

    Is it just me or, do most people only make them so they only go once. For example the Zelda3-Lightworld.it has 16 pattens, and the one that i\'ve made myself has 56 pattens :s (Recording to OpenMPT). The reason why I like them have more, is because the music lasts longer before it goes back to the beginning of the file.

    Alien Carnage: Game rip
    "Try OpenMPT" (by Bared, 29 Nov 2005) [2/10]
    Try OpenMPT (if u'ld like)
    I use it 2 play .IT, .S3M, MOD etc - IT files play nicely
    But u can also edit them...

    Note about this music set: Not all music is there, also the music to the alien episode of the first level is incomplete (Correct me if im wrong).
    I was also able to run this game on my current system with DosBox.

    Sorry, im just one of those people that writes alot of useless information and writes extremly long posts. Im also one of those people that expects the best, and gives poor ratings.